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China International Exhibition Center, the new museum site in Beijing Shunyi District Tianzhu Airport City Wenyu River, the unique geographical location. East of the Capital International Airport 1.5 km, close to Tianzhu Industrial Development Zone and Wenyu River green ecological corridor, planning in the "Airport City" public business park. The overall planning layout was born by the river, the main axis of the exhibition hall and Wenyu River along the same strain, so that the new exhibition center Wenyu River ecological corridor on another green spots.




Take the 923 Lu Shun 31 Road to the subway station to walk 206 meters.
Take the 850 Road 916 Road 923 Road 933 Road 934 Road 955 Road Suburb 81 Road [Miyun - Daxing] Shun 22 Road to Shunyi Ma Lian shop walk 243 meters.
Take 915 Road 918 Road 923 Road 933 Road 942 Line 955 Road Airport 3 Road to Malian shop Gas Station (Subway Station) Get off 243 meters.
Take the Shun 31 section to get off at Shunyi Ma Lian shop (International Exhibition Center New West).

Take the subway line 15 to the National Exhibition and walk 356 meters.

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