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Introduction of the exhibition

Exhibition name

Photonics China Expo

Exhibition date



China Optical Engineering Society

Sponsor unit

Ministry of Science and Technology of the People 's Republic of China
People's Republic of China Ministry of Commerce


China High - tech Industrialization Research Association

China Hi - Tech Industrialization Research Association of Optoelectronics Technology Industrialization
China Aerospace Institute of Optoelectronic Technology Professional Committee
International High - Tech Exchange Center
Beijing Aerospace Exhibition Co., Ltd

Overseas affiliate

American International Society for Optical Engineering
France International Business Exhibition Company
American Optical Society
France Bordeaux laser road
Japan Precision Engineering Society
German optical, medical precision equipment association

Support Units

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation
China Aviation Industry Corporation
China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation
China Ordnance Industry Group Corporation
China Electronic Technology Group Corporation

International Booth Merchants

Shanghai PINEN Exhibition Co., Ltd

Exhibition Overview

The 9th Optoelectronics China Exposition will showcase the theme of global innovation technology exhibition, spectrum China - Optical instrument and test and measurement theme exhibition, laser industry equipment theme exhibition, optical manufacturing theme exhibition, infrared and microwave technology application theme exhibition, optical communication and light sensor Theme exhibition, machine vision theme exhibition, 3D printing and industrial manufacturing theme exhibition, monitoring and control equipment and equipment theme exhibition, virtual reality and wearable theme exhibition. Organizers will extensively invite hundreds of research institutions such as aerospace, aviation, weapons, electronics, ships, Chinese Academy of Sciences, colleges and universities, automobile manufacturing, machinery, communications, medical, biological, security, automation, consumer electronics, semiconductor, printing And professional and technical personnel to visit, and through referral, docking, negotiation, etc. to provide more quality services

Size of the exhibition

The total exhibition area of 50000m2, more than 2,000 exhibitors, the audience is one of the largest in the north of China's largest professional photoelectric field exhibition, is also China's only optoelectronics and cross-application technology exhibition.

Introduction to International Booth Merchants

Shanghai PINEN Exhibition CO.LTD

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Organizer introduction
China Optical Engineering Society Introduction China Optical Engineering Society is a national society approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China. The Institute of optical engineering scientists, engineers, educators and business elites gathered together more than 3,000 members of the Institute, nearly 600 Of foreign members. China Optical Engineering Society is based on the original China Aerospace Institute photoelectric special committee mature team of work and expert resources, through 40 years of development process, the China Aerospace Society photoelectric special committee held over 100 international and domestic large-scale academic conference, there are Held the International Optoelectronic Exhibition, the characteristics of engineering and industrial docking experience activities, at home and abroad enjoy a high influence and visibility. And the International Optical Engineering Society, the American Optical Society and other well-known international academic groups have many years of friendly relations of cooperation.
China Optical Engineering Society will be adhering to the "innovation, coordination, truth-seeking, pragmatic" purposes, unity and lead the optical science and technology workers to build a platform for production and research, promote technological innovation, focus on results, promote industrial development and engineering applications. In order to improve the independent innovation ability of China's optical engineering technology, to complete the industrial transformation, to cultivate the leading talents of optical engineering and to promote the development of the optical engineering industry, and to promote the development of the optical engineering industry in the form of academic exchange, industrial exhibition, technical evaluation, project transformation, education and training, printing and publishing, information network and so on. enhancement.
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