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Range of exhibition

1, The global innovation technology theme exhibition

Laboratory equipment and machinery, laboratory automation, laboratory database systems, archiving and software, laboratory technology, laboratory furniture, laboratory equipment, equipment and supplies, laboratory technical services

2, Spectrum China theme exhibition

Spectroscopy and equipment, optical instruments and equipment, electronic optics, scientific instruments laboratory equipment, software, laboratory information management systems

3, laser industrial equipment theme exhibition

Semiconductor lasers; solid-state lasers; fiber lasers; ultrashort pulsed lasers; mid-infrared lasers; UV lasers; laser reinforcements manufacturing; laser processing systems for various types of materials; laser processing systems for robots; laser micro- Light source and non-coherent light; photoelectric tube; optoelectronic components. Laser material; laser crystal; optical film; lens; prism; special fiber

4, optical manufacturing theme exhibition

Optics; optical image; optical lens; CCD / CMOS; micro-nano manufacturing; filter / spectroscopy; optical transmission; optical camera Light and light source; optical components; optical chip module, optical materials / crystal; film and coating products; optical accessories; vacuum coating and processing equipment;

5, infrared light optoelectronic technology and application theme exhibition and security theme exhibition

Infrared pod, infrared material, infrared crystal, infrared optical film, infrared photometric detector, infrared thermometer, infrared camera, infrared communication products, infrared night vision equipment, infrared sensor, infrared remote sensing, visual system Image processor, new microelectronics technology and products, semiconductors, dual-use optoelectronic products, information technology, etc.

6, optical communication and light sensor theme exhibition

Fiber optic sensors and systems, optoelectronic devices, fiber optic gyro, hydrophone, special fiber, optical communication system equipment, fiber optic cable, devices, test equipment, supporting systems

7, 3D printing and industrial manufacturing theme exhibition

3D printing of metal supplies (metal powder and Markov steel, etc.), 3D printing polymer supplies (nylon, PLA, resin, etc.); other 3D printing using supplies, laser, white scanning equipment, coordinate measurement solutions, supporting CNC milling Solutions Extrusion Equipment, Metal 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing Equipment, Polymeric 3D Printing Equipment, Ceramics, Gypsum & Glass 3D Printing Equipment, Other New 3D Printing Equipment.


8, camera and imaging system theme exhibition

Intelligent camera, industrial camera CMOS camera, CCD camera, face array camera, line scan camera, infrared camera, 1394 interface camera, industrial lens, FA lens, high resolution lens, picture scanning lens, condenser lens, telecentric lens

Optical text, recognition system, automation / robot technology, infrared image system, machine vision integration

Light source, board, software package, auxiliary product, sensor, calibration block, grating, washer, connection and connector, light source, bottom plate

9, smart wear theme exhibition

Manufacture, processing, testing equipment, automation equipment, dispenser, die-cutting machine ,, film machine, screen printing machine, laser marking machine, laser cutting machine, test equipment, testing equipment

Chip, circuit board, lens, headset, IC chip, battery, touch screen, flash memory card, storage, lens, sensor, Bluetooth, Wifi, micro microphone, display screen,

Software, design, voice technology, micro-projection, smart watches, smart glasses, wearable computers, smart helmets, smart wear projector, finger sets of detectors, smart pillows, smart cups, smart chopsticks, smart sphygmomanometer, Sports trackers and so on

10, military and civilian integration of national defense electronics exhibition

Wearable equipment program technology; virtual reality hardware and software, large data security, data processing and preparation, large data related services, etc.

Internet core chip design, system integration and end products, intelligent manufacturing applications and the overall solution

Military and civilian dual-use optoelectronic products, defense high-end manufacturing equipment and technology, the wisdom of the city

Green energy photovoltaic solar energy, semiconductor materials and components, semiconductor lighting exhibition, optoelectronic devices materials, technology and components, new microelectronics technology, materials and components, crystal preparation, IC core technology solutions, advanced manufacturing packaging design and testing, intelligent hardware Development and so on
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