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2017The Twelfth International Conference on optics, lasers and Optoelectronics

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Moscow International Exhibition Centre
Exhibition date: February 28, 2017 to March 3rd
Moscow International Exhibition Center & Russian Laser Association
Exhibition introduction:
Russia's most popular industry exhibition;
Strongly supported by government agencies;
Provide opportunities for exhibitors to sign contracts and contracts with major companies;
6000 square meters of large-scale exhibition;
More than and 160 exhibitors;
Site visits 7820 passengers;
10 participating countries, including Germany and china;
Russian Federation's annual photonics technology project platform, reflecting the development trend of modern laser and Optoelectronics market.
2016 exhibition data survey:
86% regular exhibitors;
85% of visitors and exhibitors said the exhibition contributed to their planned objectives;
More than 80% visitors and exhibitors intend to continue to participate in the coming year.
Official support:
Ministry of industry and trade of Russian Federation
National Science and Technology Commission of the Republic of Belarus
European Optical Society
European Photovoltaic Industry Alliance
Support unit:
Russian chamber of Commerce and Industry
Exhibition scope:
Laser radiation sources and components
Optical materials and technology
Optical element, component and system
Optical equipment
Laser equipment for cutting, welding, marking and other types of material processing
Laser and optical test equipment
Applied to artificial vision, sensors, detectors and related equipment
Night vision equipment and related optical and laser equipment
Nano photonics, optoelectronics
Optical system capable of recording, storing and transmitting data
Biomedical devices based on photonic technology
New laser medicine
Optoelectronics, solar energy
Optical display device
Light emitting diodes, lighting engineering, lighting and lighting systems
New holographic devices and materials
Laser technology for advertising and gift making
Laser and optical safety equipment
Research equipment
Laser and optical maintenance equipment
Training and information support
The last exhibition:
In 2016 the Russian International Professional optics, laser and photoelectric exhibition exhibitors from 10 countries, a total of 160, of which the ad hoc exhibition in Germany and Chinese Museum exhibition, Russia local of more than and 100 exhibitors, the exhibition is one of the laser and optoelectronic technology exhibition of world famous.
During the exhibition, the Fifth Congress of the Russian optoelectronic technology platform was successfully held, which includes a variety of conferences, seminars, round tables and speeches. In addition, the Russian Laser Association will be the scene interpretation of the most advanced Photonics Development Trend of russia.
The current situation and future of Russian optoelectronic market
Russia has 800 laser related organizations and companies, distributed in 57 regions of 85 organizations, their different functions, some professional training, some do laser equipment maintenance, some engaged in development work, some production of laser components.
Laser / optical discipline is one of the strongest disciplines in the field of Russian high-tech, President of the Russian Laser Association Ivan B. Kovsh said. The organization is located in Moscow, the members of the laser research laboratories, companies, research institutions, including professional companies and research institutions accounted for 80% of its members.
Kovsh said the Russian company has thousands of models of laser laser or equipment in the global market with a light source, laser, industrial and medical lasers, measuring and test equipment, navigation and their alignment system, and laser beam, qualitative control, forming and regulating equipment. He added that Russia has 165 enterprises and institutions that produce lasers. 60% of them are located in Moscow, 15% in St Petersburg and Leningrad, 6% in Novosibirsk, Ural, and the rest of the Volga in central Siberia (Tomsk area).
At present, there are 6 large optical factories in Russia, as well as 40 small optical companies, privatization process is active, currently half of the laser optical organization is private, the other is state-owned. Kovsh believes that the current global economy is in a state of uncertainty, the current forecast of the Russian optoelectronic market is difficult.
Fiber laser continues to grow
In recent years, Russia's industrial laser output continued to grow in 2007 shipments of two times in 2006. Kovsh highlights the rapid growth of fiber lasers, including fiber based industrial and medical devices. The market for bio optics, laser marking and laser holography is booming.
Kovsh analysis of helium neon, HeCd, other ion lasers and copper vapor lasers. He pointed out that Russian doctors invented a variety of original laser technology. Intense competition from Western medical laser manufacturers led to the lack of vitality of Russian manufacturers using the same technology.
Kovsh said it is difficult to predict the future direction of the development of the Russian market for optoelectronics, including the direction of industrial materials processing, medical diagnostics, laser radar, laser veterinary equipment and laser stimulation of plant growth.
Laser diode, LED, laser marking and laser engraving in the field of innovation is more active. There are also other areas of innovation, including sensors and inverters. Lasers can be used in the future for the ears, nose and other cosmetic activities, Kovsh said.
Challenge and innovation
Overall, the current lack of innovation in the Russian photovoltaic market funds. Oil and gas industry likes to buy equipment from abroad, other industries are not rich enough to be used in research funding. The state provides tax exemption policies to encourage SMEs to innovate.
At present, Russia's optoelectronics industry is also facing the problem of scientific research. The exception is the lack of trained experts, hindering the spread of laser technology to all walks of life, such as agriculture and medical fields.

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