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2024 ANALYTECH Turkey-Istanbul

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Date: From 23 to 25 Oct, 2024 

VenueLütfi Kırdar International Convention and Exhibition Center, Istanbul 

Frequency: Annually   


Description of the event 

ANALYTECH is an event that brings together the leading manufacturers of advanced analytic systems and laboratory equipment from Turkey and the surrounding countries. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore the latest technological developments, applications, and know-how in the industry.
Located in Istanbul, Turkey, ANALYTECH provides a platform for exhibitors to showcase their advanced solutions, products, and know-how to sectoral professionals from all concerned sectors. The event is an ideal opportunity for exhibitors to gain valuable insights into the latest trends and developments in the industry.
ANALYTECH is the perfect event for exhibitors to connect with the key players in the industry and gain a competitive edge. With a wide range of products and services on display, the event is sure to provide attendees with the opportunity to explore the latest technologies and solutions in the industry.

Product Groups:

> Instrumental analysis 
> Bioanalysis & Diagnostics 
> Optical devices and processing 
> Analytic chemistry 
> Applications & Know-how & Software 

> Laboratory building and furnishing 
> Laboratory devices & Apparatus 
> Automation & Robotics
> Laboratory diagnostics 
> Instruments & Equipment 
> Materials & Chemicals & Reagents
> Data Systems & Softwares 
> Safety & Protective equipment

> Material testing & Characterization 
> Measuring technology 
> Quality control 
> Qualification for analytic devices

> Calibration and validation for LAB devices

Facts & Figures:
Around 5.000 professional visitors visit ANALYTECH Exhibition
Around 200 firms from the LAB and Life Sciences industries exhibit their products and technologies at the exhibition
  80% of the visitors are professionals who are active in the Life Sciences and LAB industries directly
  75% of the visitors of the exhibition are at a decision making position
  65% of the visitors come from Istanbul and hinterland, 30% from across Turkey and the 5% from foreign countries
  ANALYTECH is held in April which is the most appropriate time for technological investments and international industrial calendars and it creates a great synergy with the BIOTECNICA, CLEANROOM and PHARMANEXT Exhibitions that are held simultaneously
  Various occupational events, conferences and presentation organizations held within the scope of the exhibition, also bring together industrial, occupational, corporate and administrative groups in Istanbul.

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