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2017International laboratory and analytical instruments

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Time: August 15, 2017 -17 day
Venue: Johannesburg
Exhibition period: once a year
Organizer: Orbes Media (Pty) Ltd
Exhibition introduction
After nearly twenty years of development of the African laboratory exhibition, has now become a significant icon in the calendar of the South African laboratory exhibition. The South African distributor and the latest Kenya dealers display products all over the world. It is easy for the audience to look for products and suppliers in the laboratory industry, and collect the latest industry trends and technical information.
There will be a significant extension of the Africa lab show in 2017...... The African laboratory exhibition will be held in the same period with the African analytical instruments exhibition. Companies can display the latest analysis techniques to the audience in the face, in addition, the South Africa International Laboratory exhibition is currently the most influential laboratory industry exhibition in africa.
Scope of Exhibits
Laboratory technology, analysis instruments, clinical diagnosis, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life sciences, nanotechnology, power generation, water resources, state-owned utilities, food, agriculture, chemical, mining, oil and metals. The research and development of instrumentation, measurement and testing instrument, automatic machine
Audience statistics
After the analysis of African Instruments Exhibition and the African laboratory exhibition held in the same period, the number of viewers will grow sharply in 2017. With the theme of science, technology and analytical instruments, this exhibition will provide a highly targeted platform, when more buyers will be dedicated to the exhibition to find the required products or services. 2017 South Africa laboratory and analytical instruments and equipment exhibition will provide you with a face-to-face exchange of information sharing platform for each brand, no doubt, this can be said to be the best way to open up the market. The following audience data from the last session of South Africa International Laboratory exhibition, for reference only.
Proportion of European audience: UK (49%) Belgium (23%) Finland (12%) Portugal (16%)
Asian audience: India (63%) Pakistan (16%) Thailand (10%) (11%)
South Africa (58%) Asia (29%) Europe (13%)
South African audience: South Africa (82%), others (18%)
market environment
South Africa has nearly 50 million population, per capita GDP about 6000-7000 dollars, belong to the middle-income countries, health care spending accounted for 8.5% of gdp. South Africa is China's largest trading partner in Africa, China is South Africa's largest trading partner. In 2010, China exported more than $500 million of medical equipment to South Africa, with South Africa to join the BRIC countries, with further strengthening of China's trade relations, Chinese enterprises will get more opportunities. The rapid growth of South Africa's GDP, the government will further increase investment in health care, South Africa's medical market opportunities will be more. So far, South Africa has not yet established a sound medical device industry system, most of the medical equipment and hospital equipment need to be imported from abroad. In recent years, the international market price of gold and diamond jewelry prices hit record highs, so that South Africa's fiscal revenue soared, thus providing a reliable financial guarantee for the South African government procurement.
In the country to export medical equipment to South Africa, mainly developed countries in Europe and the United States and china. From South Africa exports of medical equipment to other areas such as Africa, Africa, Europe, Australia and Asia, South Africa is the main export products of disposable medical supplies, such as bandages, gauze, syringes, needles, catheters. Due to the international price of gold and diamonds and other products prices, so that the South African government has more money into health care, in recent years, South Africa's imports of medical products reached nearly $2 billion, is a very huge market.
South Africa does not impose tariffs on most imported medical devices. However, for some hospital laboratory in low value consumable, including blood, urine tube plastic bottles, latex gloves, and surgical gowns, surgical towel, bed sheets, medical cover cloth and other non-woven products, all kinds of rigid or flexible plastic tube, transfusion plastic bags, plastic infusion bottle and connected the needle tube, disposable plastic medical products, tariff equivalent to 10% of the total value of products.

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