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seeSUSTAINtec 2022

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Date: Apr. 2022

Venue:IEC, Sofia, Bulgaria

Frequency: Annual

Organiser:VIA EXPO 


Description of the Event

seeSUSTAINtec is the only event in Bulgaria that successfully combines the crucial topics Waste Management & Recycling, Energy Efficiency & Renewables, Smart Cities and Air Quality. Over 15 years of focused work and expert background stand behind it.

Everything around us is connected - climate change, pollution, the depletion of resources. As a result of this, the market in South-East Europe for eco technologies keeps expanding due to new regulations, industries and municipalities’ necessity for decreasing their ecological footprint and achieving more efficiency and competitiveness.

seeSUSTAINtec aims to bring more innovations in the Region and to disseminate environmental knowledge, which will inspire more key industry players for a sustainable change.

The event provides to foreign producers and local companies the best platform for product launch and face-to-face contacts with new clients and partners from South-East Europe. It will emphasize the numerous advantages of implementing new solutions. They can turn waste into valuable resources, can help us save and produce clean energy, make our cities more connected and intelligent.


5 reasons to participate

1. NEW CONTACTS with companies - possible distributors in Bulgaria and the Region of SE Europe.
2. MARKETING RESEARCH – The Participation gives you an opportunity to explore a new market, learn the opinions of colleagues, specialists and customers in the Region.
3. The exhibition is the place where customers expect to see you. It is the right platform to enforce and validate the name.
4. PERFECT PRESENTATION  in Bulgarian and English in the social media and the Internet long before the exhibition: interviews and press releases on the event site, inclusion in the newsletters sent to targeted industries and customers, etc.
5. LONG-TERM ON-LINE PRESENTATION – Company promotion before, during and after the event by the virtual exhibition.

Product Category


► Waste collection  

  • Containers     
  • Undergraund storage-tank system    
  • Bins and Sacks   

► Transport vehicles and technologies    
►  Waste treatment equipment    

  • Biogas Systems     
  • Balers     
  • Crushers     
  • Presses       
  • Shredders    
  • Sorting Installations    
  • Separators    
  • Washing / Drying equipment    
  • Mixers    
  • Extruders  

► Medical waste treatment and disposal
► Hazardous Waste Treatment
► Landfill  
► Composting technologies and Equipment  

► Plants for recycling
► Recycling Equipment
► Recycling Technologies
► Services

  • Consultancy and Engineering        
  • Ecological Projects
  • Environment Management and Eco-Audit
  • Trade associations and institutions          

► Separation of fluids and solid matter

·   Separators

·   Bag filters

·   Electrofilters

·   Cyclone

·   Scrubber

·   Dust suppression systems

► Separation of harmful gases

·   Filters

·   Cyclone

·   Electrostatic Methods

·   Scrubber

► Transport emissions

·   Measuring

·   Reducing

►Industrial air-cleaning systems and equipment
►Flue gas purification

·   Chemical Proceses

·   Biological Proceses

·   Condensation Proceses

► Measuring and control equipment
► Greenhouse gasses

·   Combating of greenhouse gasses

·   CO2 Collection

·   Technologies for reducing of CO2 emissions

·   Purification of nitrogen oxides


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