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Date:  Oct., 2021

Venue: Tatmadaw Hall, Yangon, Myanmar

OrganizerAMB Tarsus Events Group

Frequency: Annual




MYANLAB 2019, the biggest international business-to-business event for laboratory equipment and supplies in Myanmar will be held at the Tatmadaw Hall in Yangon from 30 Sept -2 Oct 2020. MYANLAB 2020 will feature the latest products covering Laboratory Instrumentation, Analytical Equipment, Chemical Reagents and many other categories.

Please be noted and take advantage ofthe one-stop platform to stay ahead and benefitfrom the many new business opportunities in Myanmar’s laboratory and research instrumentation industry. For more information, please contact


Myanmar is a market benefiting from increasing democracy and infrastructure development. With a population of more than 60 million, expansive geography and low-cost resource, is attracting increased investment as ‘the last frontier’ of Asia.

A new law granting the Central Bank of Myanmar was signed in July 2013 expected to foster the further development of banking sector

As the largest country in South-East Asia, Myanmar has been recognized to have a great potential growth, especially in healthcare sector. The influx of private healthcare providers into Myanmar will continue, creating positive spill - over effects for both medical device and pharmaceutical firms. This attraction is due to the combination of a large unmet demand for medical services in the country, as well as the development of healthcare financing, such as the introduction of private medical insurance. Besides that, the demand for medical equipment is also on the rise as private clinics and government hospitals are replacing old equipment with new, state of the art medical equipment so they can give patients more accurate diagnosis..

According to the survey, there is a potential to increase the demand of the pharmaceutical, natural and medical products from 10% to 15% annually for next five years and there are more than 350 registered companies importing and distributing the Pharmaceutical, natural and medical products (attractive investment destination for international businesses, thanks to its new incentive policies for foreign according to The Myanmar Pharmaceutical & Medical Equipment Entrepreneurs Association). Myanmar is now seen as aninvestment.



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