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Photonics & Laser

OPTO Taiwan 2024

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DateOctober 23-25, 2024 Venue:Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1

OrganizerTLTAA & ITRI & PIDA & TOA & Chan Chao International Co., Ltd.

Frequency: Annually  



Since 1984, OPTO Taiwan has been the annual event for both the photonics and mechanical industries in Taiwan. This exhibition covers various industry sectors including semiconductor, electronics, fiber communication, laser, optics, precision machinery and so on and is provided for demonstrating materials, components/devices, application products, manufacturing equipment, factory automation facilities and software/hardware technologies for photonics applications. Serving as the unique communication platform for Taiwan and worldwide photonics industries, OPTO Taiwan has grown with the Taiwan photonics industry and is warmly welcomed by the industry as well. Taiwan photonics industry plays an important role in the global photonics market; its splendor is also reflected in the OPTO Taiwan exhibition. Come to OPTO Taiwan and come discover the real value of the Taiwan photonics industry.

Overview of 2019:

This year, Laser Taiwan cooperated with OPTO Taiwan for the first time, featuring VCSEL, semiconductor laser, machine vision, metal processing, science park, precision optics, 5G and AR/VR.


There were 9 forums during the exhibition days to discuss the development of industry, trends and the latest application. Well-known enterprises provided local manufacturers with examples of technological transformation and upgrading.


This year, the exhibitors are from Taiwan, Japan, China, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Vietnam and South Africa. The percentage of foreign exhibitors is nearly 25%. A total of 168 manufacturers used 347 booths to fully present the industry chain.

Exhibits Profile:

Electronic Chemicals & Nano Materials  

Photoresist,Electronic Specialty Gas

Electronic Packaging Material

High Purity Reagent

Flat Panel Display Special Chemicals

Printed Circuit Board Materials & Supporting Chemicals

Solar Chemicals

Nano Materials

Grinding & Dispersing Equipment



Vacuum film and Process Equipment


Vacuum Equipment


Evaporator/Sputter/ LPE/MBE/CVD

Cooling Equipment

Etching Exposure Equipment

Gas Equipment & Material

Cleanroom Correlation


Laser Applications and Peripherals   

Micro-machined Laser

Medical Laser

Lab Laser

Lasers & Peripheral Utility

Hologram Products

Solid State Laser

Gas Laser

Fiber Laser

Laser Processing Equipment


Photoelectricity Measurement & Testing Equipment


Vacuum Instruments




Analytic Software




Optical Fiber Communication

Optical Fiber & Cable

Optical Passive Components

Optical Active Components

OFC Equipment



Biophotonics Sensor

Medical Imaging

Medical Lase



Ecological Application

Medical Insurance


Academic Research   

Digital Content


Green Energy

Smart Living


Plant Factory 

Plant Light


Mechatronic Systems

Information & Communication Technology Management

Agricultural Material

Hardware Facilities

Product Patterns


Vacuum Coating

Target, Vacuum Equipment, Cleaner, Evaporator, Sputter, LPE, MBE, CVD, etc.

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