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Introduction and Prospect of Mobile Health Medical Devices

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Mobile computing and communication technology in the field of health care and public health applications are rapidly expanding, many home medical devices through wireless transmission technology or wireless network technology and intelligent communication products in combination, the use of intelligent communications products, information processing capabilities and data display capabilities Home medical device function. This kind of mobile health medical device is introduced in detail, and the development of this mobile health medical device is put forward.

1, the emergence of mobile health medical equipment

Domestic mobile medical concept is basically introduced in 2011. The so-called mobile health care, known as mHealth abroad, 2010, the US Mobile Medical Summit on the definition of mHealth is "through mobile devices to provide medical services."

Apple iWatch's health care service platform is a typical mobile health medical device. This product is not only able to measure the user, including heart rate and sleep quality and other health-related biological data, but also the data uploaded to the network, remote diagnosis, remote consultation and care, distance education, telemedicine information services and other medical activities The IWatch powerful, more importantly, it is the original medical system caused a huge impact.

Many of our visionary advanced medical companies have been inspired, and thus put into iWatch this home health care service platform to develop. Can be through the WIFI or Bluetooth technology and intelligent communication products to communicate with a large number of home medical equipment in the domestic market, models and types are very much.

Some medical device manufacturers use home appliances to use more avant-garde designs: these medical device products do not have a data processing system, a data display system or even a control system that needs to communicate with the intelligent communication product, To achieve its main function, users only need to use personal intelligence communication equipment can complete the operation and view the physical examination results. Such as the Shanghai Pui Health Medical Devices Co., Ltd. multi-parameter monitor, through the body-wearing body temperature sensor and pulse oximetry, the patient's vital signs parameters of the collection, while the data transmission to the application of intelligent communications products, While the device itself does not have any storage or display functionality.

2, the structure of mobile health medical equipment characteristics

This mobile medical device, which is used in combination with an intelligent communication device, writes the control part of the device and the function of the data processing part into an application program which can be installed into the intelligent communication product, and the device itself only provides the control circuit of the medical device, And a data acquisition sensor that remotely controls the device through an intelligent communication product with an application installed or the data collected by the device through the intelligent communication product on which the application is installed. Then this medical device products, can be seen as a personal smart communications products, a subsidiary of accessories.

This kind of home mobile health medical device has the following characteristics in the structure:

(1) to simplify the equipment structure

As the function of control and data display through intelligent communication products to achieve, cancel the controller or display and other components, reduce the size of the equipment, weight, but also greatly reduces the energy consumption of the device.

Simplify the structure of the device so that more medical device electronics can be designed as body wearable devices. Millet bracelet is a good example, it is through the ring on the chip to monitor the characteristics of human motion, and through the Bluetooth data transmission to the phone statistics. The body of the bracelet is a finger-sized chip, the bracelet itself is neither the operation button, nor the display, so with the same wrist wear on the iWatch device compared to its weight and energy consumption have obvious advantages, so not only Easy to use, and will not affect the user's normal activities.

(2) reduce production costs

The cost of the parts is significantly reduced, especially in the process of miniaturization of the equipment, the cost of the touch screen in the equipment cost accounted for a large proportion, if equipped with large-capacity charging power supply, then the production costs will rise further. If the control and display functions are implemented online with the intelligent communication product, the cost of displaying and controlling the components and reducing the energy consumption can reduce the cost of the equipment power system.

3, mobile health medical equipment in the realization of the advantages of telemedicine

Telemedicine is based on remote communication technology, holographic imaging technology, new electronic technology and computer multimedia technology to achieve remote diagnosis, remote consultation and nursing, distance education, telemedicine information services and other medical activities. The initial telemedicine development was designed to allow remote areas with poor sanitation to take advantage of medical technology and equipment in large medical centers.

But in recent years, the market for remote personal care has developed rapidly, especially for the middle class, who have a very good choice for using the economic base of good medical care, and very busy, lacking time to go to hospital.

Such as electronic sphygmomanometer, fat measuring instrument, body wear type vital signs monitor and so on, so that users at home can be their own health measurement, and through the network system for remote diagnosis, consultation and care. However, it is conceivable that the user does not need a display function or data processing function for each device. If all the devices can converge information to the user's intelligent communication device via wireless technology, the user will save a lot of time and expense. And even further, through the intelligent communication equipment to control the medical equipment, medical devices can quickly set the parameters of different users set.

Such as the heart of the company's fat scales, blood pressure monitor, bracelet and a series of household medical equipment products, can be detected by the user's weight, fat rate, blood pressure and exercise and other health parameters. Users through intelligent communication equipment to bind these home measuring instrument, after the test, the instrument can be WIFI technology, the data sent to the heart of the health care service platform, medical and health services platform based on user registration account data to calculate the user's Health status, and data through the user intelligent communication device installed on the application

Order feedback to the user.

4, mobile health care equipment in the development of possible problems

Of course, the development of such mobile health care devices may be the following problems:

(1) product quality

Mobile health devices are structurally and functionally different from traditional medical devices, and these differences are likely to make it difficult for the medical device to meet existing national or industry standards when registering for testing. In particular, most of the functions of this mobile health medical device through the user's personal intelligent communication device to achieve, there will be due to the quality of intelligent communication equipment can not pass the standard requirements, or even through the registration standards, in the actual use There is a problem.

For example, if the alarm system for mobile health medical devices is implemented via intelligent communication equipment, YY 0709-2009 "Medical electrical equipment Part 1-8: Safety General requirements Parallel standard: General requirements Medical electrical equipment and medical electrical system alarm system Of the test and guide "in the alarm sound or alarm settings, and can not guarantee that each intelligent communication equipment can meet.

It is recommended that the relevant standards committee, when updating the standard, consider the situation of such mobile health medical devices. The manufacturer, the need for a comprehensive product risk assessment.

(2) information security

International Data Center 2015HealthIT predicts mobile health forecasts for 2018, and predicts that in 2020, almost 42% of eHealth data will remain unprotected. They need to be protected, as more and more stakeholders will rely on increasingly large data sets.

Mobile health medical devices generally have a network function, or can be installed in the intelligent communication device on the application of remote medical treatment, which may involve patients with electronic medical records, health records, consultation information, video data, etc., this information is easy to be network On the use of lawless elements. Therefore, it can be predicted that with the popularity of telemedicine, the network health service platform will be very vulnerable to attack, the risk of personal information leakage is increasing.

The only technical specification in the country is the National Health and Family Planning Commission issued the "Guide to the Construction of Telemedicine Information System (2014)", can only be recommended Medical information systems need to consider the protection of patient information privacy requirements, the protection of consultation institutions Internal information needs, business database security needs, security management system needs, but also referred to the current domestic telemedicine policies and regulations and business management is not perfect.

5, the development of mobile health care equipment recommendations and prospects

This mobile health care device is very versatile, more importantly, it is complementary with telemedicine, conform to changes in the structure of the medical industry, I believe that the future will be more and more home medical equipment designed and intelligent communication products supporting the use of form. As a manufacturer of medical devices, especially home medical device manufacturers, need to seize the opportunity to keep up with the trend.

As a medical device regulatory agencies, the need for such a mobile health medical equipment to develop a reasonable standard, to develop appropriate standards.

The trend of the interaction between home medical equipment and intelligent equipment is not a flash in the pan, with people's attention to health and investment and the popularity of telemedicine, home medical equipment and intelligent device interaction will be an important part of mobile health care, but also can be expected to move health Medical equipment in the market will have an important position.

Source: "China Medical Device Information"
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