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The second largest market for medical devices will be it, a list of money analysis!

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Cardiovascular disease as a class of diseases will create 100 billion US dollars level market. The heart disease equipment is the second largest area of medical equipment, second only to IVD, the market size of the medical device market accounted for 11%, due to R & D and academic marketing barriers are higher, the formation of oligopoly, strong Hengqiang pattern. Among them, China in the context of high cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular interventional equipment market demand is huge, the industry development prospects are good.

First, the heart disease to create the world billions of dollars market

For tens of millions of patients with global heart disease, especially at high risk of heart disease, how to reduce heart disease morbidity and mortality through effective intervention has become an increasingly important major public health problem. The number of rapidly growing heart patients has brought huge market space to heart disease drugs. According to Evaluate Med Tech, the size of the global cardiovascular disease drug market reached $ 100 billion by 2015, and the size of the equipment market reached $ 43 billion, making it an important area for the world's pharmaceutical giants.

Second, the heart of the device: high barriers, strong Hengqiang

Heart medical device field, has been the world's largest medical device market segmentation one of the areas, according to China's pharmaceutical trade magazine predicted that in 2020, the heart medical device market size accounted for 11% of the global medical device market size, In vitro diagnosis of the second largest market.

According to Evaluate Med Tech, the size of global cardiac medical devices will grow from $ 36 billion at $ 4 billion in 2004 to $ 48 billion in 2018, the largest share of high-end intervening supplies and cardiac pacemakers Technical barriers are very high, the majority of small and medium enterprises do not have the strength in the relevant areas of continuous investment, resulting in the concentration of the device market is much higher than the drug market, Medtronic, St. Jude, Boston Science, Abbott Top10 companies accounted for the total market share 80%, and the industry consolidation speed, it is expected that the future oligopoly of the competitive landscape will not be much change.

Third, the Chinese market: a huge market growth continued

The patient population is growing and growing

According to China's cardiovascular disease report in 2015 statistics, China's cardiovascular disease has now reached 290 million people, the number of cardiovascular disease in the future will continue to grow rapidly, the mortality rate of cardiovascular disease is also in the rising trend, and in the In 2009, the death rate in rural areas exceeded the city for the first time. At present, the death of cardiovascular disease accounted for the first cause of the total death of urban and rural residents. Cardiovascular disease disease cycle is long, the social burden is increasing, has become a major public health problem.

Fourth, heart disease medical equipment: high value supplies equipment to lead the market

Heart disease medical device classification

With the advances in materials science and biomedical engineering, the types and applications of cardiac related medical devices are expanding. At the same time the introduction of new equipment also brings heart treatment technology breakthrough. According to the classification of heart disease and related treatment can be the current market instruments are divided into four categories.

For ECG ECG machine, dynamic ECG defibrillator is mainly used for diagnosis, for medical institutions, equipment configuration rate has been higher, incremental market is limited, the market share is small; and congenital heart disease incidence is low, so For the treatment of cardiac occluder market size is also small; for cardiac interventional therapy, electrophysiological treatment of cardiac stents and pacemakers, heart disease market is a high value of supplies equipment, the patient population base, The number of people continued to increase, the market space is very broad.

Interventional treatment market space rapid expansion, import substitution trend is remarkable

Interventional therapy is a new type of diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease technology, after puncture the surface of the blood vessels, in the digital subtraction under continuous projection, into the heart catheter, through a specific cardiac catheterization technology for heart disease diagnosis and treatment Diagnosis and treatment methods. At present, interventional therapy has become one of the three modern medical treatments that are tied to traditional medical treatment and surgical treatment.

At present, the global interventional cardiovascular disease treatment market increased year by year, by 2015, has exceeded 20 billion US dollars mark. China in the aging trend is inevitable and cardiovascular and other chronic diseases such as the context of high incidence of cardiovascular interventional equipment market demand is huge, the industry development prospects.

Cardiac stent is the main product involved in the device, the heart stent, also known as coronary artery stent, is the heart intervention surgery commonly used medical equipment, with the role of clear the arteries. Cardiac stent first appeared in the 20th century, 80 years, experienced a balloon stent, metal stent, coated stent and biodegradable stent a total of four generations of stent development process, the main material for the stainless steel, nickel-titanium alloy or cobalt-chromium alloy.

In recent years, with the increasing incidence of coronary heart disease in China, the level of medical technology is increasing, more and more patients receiving cardiac intervention. At the same time, with the heart stent product prices and medical security to enhance the more and more people can afford the heart stent, the market stable expansion.

At present, the number of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) in China is increasing day by day, and the average number of cardioplegia is required for each PCI operation. Therefore, the number of heart scaffolds in our country increases with the increase of the number of PCI. 55 million, is expected to continue in the future 10% -15% growth rate.

With the development of technology, a second-generation stent market share decreased year by year, with the corresponding third-generation stent market share of the rise, now more than 50%, the fourth generation of stents have also officially entered the market in 2012, However, due to the promotion stage, the current market share is very small, but is expected to accompany the further development of technology, cost reduction, degradable stent in the future will become the main stent of interventional therapy.

Domestic stent industry developed rapidly, a large number of enterprises such as minimally invasive medical, Le Pu medical, led the domestic stent industry, rapid development and technological upgrading, there is a gradual replacement of the trend of imports, import stent domestic market share from 2009 to 40 % Fell to less than 35% of 2015, but in the field of high-end stents such as biodegradable stent, is still the dominant position of foreign brands occupy the market.

At present, China's cardiovascular innovation equipment has been speeding up the review. Up to now, China has approved a total of 55 products into the innovative medical device for the special application for approval of the product. Among them, the cardiovascular products 19, accounting for 35%, a high proportion, in the "lead" situation.

Heart pacemaker: the market access to high barriers

A pacemaker is a physiological electronic system that replaces or complements normal excitation and controls for cardiac contractions. It stimulates the heart's pacing function by sending a certain form of weak pulsating current or inducing functional dysfunction but there is excitement, contraction and cardiac fibrosis between cardiac pacing, that is, instead of normal pacemaker stimulation Myocardium, so that the effective contraction, to achieve biological function control. Implantable pacemaker as an electronic therapeutic instrument implanted in the body, in clinical surgery because of its simple installation, trauma, pain, light, the effect is significant, easy for doctors and patients to accept.

China's earliest use of pacemaker time in the early 80s of last century, the United States St. Jude company's pacemaker to enter China, followed by the German company and the United States Medtronic forces in the late 80s and In the early 1990s to enter the Chinese market. At the beginning of the 21st century, Boston Science also entered the Chinese market, and gradually formed a four pillar of the situation. Due to the implantation of the heart to the pacemaker technical content is high, domestic research and development progress is slow, the domestic pacemaker market is almost all of the expensive imported products occupy. China's annual increase in patients with atrial fibrillation or heart failure patients about 54 million people, at least half of them need to install a pacemaker. But in fact a few years ago, China's average annual only 2-3 million heart patients to install pacemakers, pacemaker need to install the theoretical number of 1/9.

From the information published by China's pharmaceutical business sector, the use of the largest number of imported pacemakers are basically coastal economically developed areas of the hospital, while the mainland less developed areas of the hospital is less use of imported pacemaker class. Conservative estimates, if the pacemaker prices, implantation level increased significantly, the annual market size is expected to reach 8 billion market size.

In 2009, Shaanxi Qinming Medical (later acquired by Le Pu Medical) launched a single-chamber pacemaker, is also the earliest successful research and development to the market pacemaker. Qin Ming Medical is the earliest professional engaged in cardiac pacemaker business enterprises, over the years in the pacemaker R & D and production and sales services has accumulated rich experience, now has the only domestic single chamber pacemaker registration card. Its independent research and development of dual-chamber cardiac pacemaker has also completed the State Food and Drug Administration equipment review center technical review.

Five, heart monitoring services: a comprehensive solution is the trend

Heart monitoring is a hardware-based set of solutions that can effectively predict and reduce the incidence of cardiac emergencies. Due to the large number of heart disease population and the possibility of chronic illnesses becoming an emergency at any time, portable, real-time, continuous cardiac monitoring is an important direction for the future.

Heart disease monitoring hardware market prosperity: good fashion, poor practicality

Currently on the market is the most common with the heart rate monitoring function of the smart bracelet, such as Jawbone UP, iwatch, Fitbit surge, Mio wrist unit, Garmin heart rate table, these devices use ECG signal or photoelectric volume method to monitor the user Different state of heart rate, so that users can real-time understanding of their own health status. But the problem is that the user side without a doctor in real time to provide advice, only the bracelet to provide users with some constructive guidance, the user does not have substantial help, and the bracelet users concentrated in the young health groups, bracelet And no much use.

Integrated solutions lead the market in the future

Compared to good and bad hand ring products, really play a medical role in the field of heart disease is based on mobile medical equipment, wearable equipment, large data, medical institutions and other organic platform. Long-term health monitoring and postoperative management is essential for patients with heart disease, many patients because they can not get timely and effective postoperative rehabilitation guidance, resulting in treatment results greatly reduced, the emergence of mobile medical care, to achieve real-time online cardiac visits, Can make up for the hospital "after-sales service" market blank.

At present, in this regard is the best foreign Cardionet company, is also the world's first commercial success of the monitoring, diagnosis and other services combined with the listed companies, Cardionet is a mobile heart monitoring equipment and cardiac monitoring service providers , Founded in 1999, 2008 listed on the Nasdaq. CardioNet system core hardware is a heart monitor, connected with a wireless data transmission terminal, as well as the background of the analysis system and monitoring heart. Once the detector discovers that the patient's abnormal heart rate (which the patient himself is often unaware of), it will be sent to the monitoring center via the CDMA network via the wireless network for specialized medical personnel to record and analyze, and to detect the status of the crisis When the alarm center issued a warning to the doctor.
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