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Israel 9 major medical device innovation product overview

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According to physiologists, the human body has developed and very complex neural network, any human physiological activities are controlled by the neural network. Once these neural networks are damaged, they can cause local pain, limb dysfunction, or other diseases.

US Zynex company developed a multi-functional "non-invasive electronic diagnostic treatment instrument" new product (trade name TENSWave). Its working principle for the electrical stimulation of the signal generator can be used to help patients with hemiplegia limb rehabilitation and some neurological diseases (such as epilepsy, etc.) and arrhythmia and other heart disease detection purposes. Second, the newly developed instrument can also be used to relieve neuralgia (such as migraine, etc.), the product has been issued by the US FDA issued a permit, are Class II medical device products.

Treatment of women with urinary incontinence

According to clinical statistics, more than 69% of women over the age of 45 suffer from varying degrees of urinary incontinence. This condition is related to the weakening of the bladder sphincter neurological function in women (especially women with fertility history). Urinary incontinence is actually a neurological disease.

A US company has developed a new type of medical device (trade name: InTone) specifically designed for the treatment of urinary incontinence in women. According to the manufacturer, the product is also an electrical stimulation generator, it can issue a regular electrical pulse signal used to stimulate the pelvic floor muscle contraction and bladder nerve, etc., thereby effectively reducing the incidence of urine leakage. Patients can be used at home to operate the instrument for their own treatment, very convenient.

Multi - parameter inpatient patient monitor

Severe patient monitor products have been nearly half a century of history. But previously listed patient monitors can only monitor the patient's heart rate, the function is relatively simple. Old-style monitors are difficult to monitor for clinically common COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) because older monitors lack the function of monitoring the patient's breathing. Emphysema and chronic asthma in recent years, the number of patients increased significantly (these diseases are attributed to COPD). Severe COPD patients, once at night, often lose their lives.

A US company recently developed a new "multi-parameter patient monitor." It is characterized by: in addition to retaining the original heart rate monitoring function, but also added per minute respiratory rate, lung oxygen and oxygen saturation and other important clinical parameters, which health care workers to monitor COPD patients breathing is very important, Once the instrument found that patients with abnormal changes in these parameters will immediately alarm, so that health care workers in time for patients such as oxygen and other rescue work, and to avoid COPD patients due to sudden onset of sudden death occurred.

Pocket radio stimulus

In recent years, foreign manufacturers have developed a variety of portable "electric stimulation painkillers" can be used to relieve joint pain, muscle pain, cervical pain and low back pain and other common pain symptoms. However, most of these instruments use wire electrodes for electrical stimulation of pain, the use of outdoor is quite inconvenient.

Recently, according to Western media reports, a US company developed a pocket can be directly into the pocket of radio stimulation painkillers. It is 2 AA batteries, can be issued continuously 0 ~ 90mA current. When the patient feels pain in the body somewhere, as long as the electrode close to the pain, and then open the instrument power switch, the instrument can send a wireless signal, the electrode to send electrical stimulation signal, and through the subcutaneous nerve plexus to interfere with pain signal Of the transmission, which play a rapid analgesic effect. According to the manufacturer, the instrument only need to use 30 minutes to stop pain.

Multifunctional dental laser equipment

In the case of a dentist who prepares a tooth decay for a patient, it usually uses tools such as electric drill. This tool not only in the course of the use of unpleasant noise, but also in the grinding of the patient's tooth decay, often due to misuse of the patient and the patient's teeth over-grinding. Although the laser scalpel as early as half a century ago has been available, but because of the larger volume of carbon dioxide laser and handling inconvenience and other factors, so the laser knife in the dental application less.

Israel Syneron has invented a new type of laser for dental use, which can be used for tooth decay, gingival hemostasis and other conventional dental procedures. According to the manufacturer, the laser is made of advanced optical fiber laser transmission, and the laser can be accurately positioned in the tooth decay or other need to do surgery, will not hurt the normal teeth. The product is small size, the operation is very convenient, so the market after the popular dentists welcome.

Fast hemostatic bandage

The invention and use of bandages have been at least a hundred years old. The earliest bandages were made of pure cotton yarn. After the 1990s, developed country manufacturers have developed nonwovens or nylon cloth bandages, liquid bandages (made of sodium alginate, collagen fiber and other biological materials) And other new bandage products, but for the soldiers fighting on the battlefield, the normal bandage of the hemostatic effect is poor, because the bullet or shells caused by the wound usually reach the depths of the muscles, so the ordinary bandage can not do anything about this The

A research institute under the Israeli Ministry of Defense has developed a revolutionary hemostatic bandage that can stop the soldiers from bleeding in just 10 minutes. According to reports, the new product is made of strong elastic fibers as the matrix, and bandage fibers in the combination of nano-copper oxide and silver oxide and other metal oxide materials and new bio-engineering materials. Once they come into contact with the wound, in a very short period of time to play a hemostatic effect. The product can be described as a new breakthrough in bandage technology.

COPD remote monitor

According to WHO statistics, about 200 million people around the world suffering from COPD disease (ie, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), and once the disease at night or when the family is sleeping, often not be detected, so the patient will be blocked due to breathing Accidental death.

A company in Israel has developed a revolutionary new product of the COPD remote monitor, which looks like a vest, COPD patients will be worn on the body, which built the sensor, when COPD patients at night onset, due to chest breathing The resulting muscle movement will change, and the sensor will be the patient when the slight changes in the incidence of wireless signals sent to the hospital monitoring equipment on the screen, the hospital in the patient after the onset of the patient immediately sent to the patient home to rescue, thus avoiding the COPD patients at night sudden death occurred. According to reports, this can be worn on COPD patients "remote monitoring vest" new equipment is also applicable to patients with asthma and congestive heart failure and other patients, it has a broad market prospects.

Prevention of sudden death of neonatal automatic monitor

According to the World Health Organization statistics, the world every year hundreds of thousands of newborns due to apnea and sudden death.

To prevent this from happening, an Israeli company has developed a new neonatal monitor, Bobysense, which looks like a white dish with an ordinary dish, but has a sophisticated sensor inside it. Children's bed below the bed, once the newborn's respiratory rate is less than 10 times per minute, the monitor can automatically alarm, and notify the medical staff for first aid. It is reported that the new product has been listed in multiple countries.

Rapid determination of pathogen medical diagnostic box

At present, the hospital's biological laboratory in the diagnosis of serious infection caused by the "super bacteria" disease, often take about 5 days to get the results, and the frail patients in the long waiting period often lead to lung Department of complications such as death.

In order to save hospital diagnosis time, bio-engineering researchers at the Hebrew University of Israel have recently developed a new medical diagnostic box that can quickly measure "super bacteria" infections in just a few minutes, thus completely solving the clinical A big problem. The current Hebrew University has transferred this new technology to the US bioengineering company BioConnetions for mass production.
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