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2014Dusseldorf medical equipment parts Exhibition COMPAMED

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Exhibition time: November 2014 12-15 MEDICA
November 2014 12-14 COMPAMED
Exhibition hall, Dusseldorf, Germany
Organizer: Dusseldorf International Exhibition Company
China agency: Shanghai quality Exhibition Co.

Exhibition content:
Laboratory equipment, emergency services, operation room equipment, disinfection facilities, cleaning technology, disposable products processing equipment, hospital technical facilities and equipment; medical diagnostic techniques and equipment; ward furniture and equipment; diagnosis and therapy; biochemical and pharmaceutical products; health inspection equipment; materials; medical equipment and communication technology; information technology in general hospital

Exhibition introduction:
Germany Dusseldorf international hospital and medical equipment and supplies exhibition "is the world's most comprehensive exhibition of famous medical, hospital and medical equipment exhibition is recognized as the world's largest, with its irreplaceable scale and influence in the world's first medical trade fair. The annual MEDICA of 4500 companies from nearly 150 countries and regions participating, which has about 50% exhibitors from outside of Germany, exhibited a total area of over 108000 square meters (in 2013, the figures are a record peak: a total of 4580 exhibitors, exhibition area of 116200 square meters), to attract professional visitors nearly 142000 people, according to the trend in recent years, the number of professional visitors is increasing year by year, the number of visitors with international professional international exhibitors, accounting for about half of the total number of visitors. The world famous companies and production of conventional hospital equipment, medical products manufacturers have introduced new products in the exhibition, promotion of new technology; medical equipment, all over the world drug wholesalers, buyers, health departments, medical professional and other top professionals gathered in the exhibition, to discuss trade, is a large international gathering of Science and technology, trade and in one of the information. Over the past thirty years, the annual fixed MEDICA held in Dusseldorf in Germany, show from outpatient treatment to hospital treatment of a variety of products and services in the field, the products include medical equipment, supplies all the conventional categories of information technology and medical communications, medical equipment, home medical site construction technology, medical equipment management etc.. During the conference, there were more than and 200 seminars, lectures, discussions and presentations. MEDICA the target audience for the medical professionals, hospital doctors, hospital management, hospital technical personnel, general practitioners, medical laboratory personnel, nurses, nursing staff, interns, physiotherapists and other health care professionals, they are from all over the world. The MEDICA exhibition has erected a strong dominant position in the healthcare industry around the world.
With the same period of MEDICA, the organizing committee will also host the high-tech medical technology exhibition (COMPAMED). COMPAMED is committed to the products, materials and services in the healthcare industry, such as high-tech solutions, mechanical components, packaging, new materials, micro systems technology, nanotechnology, and electronic manufacturing services. In the exposition, the development trend of modern medical information, the latest industry, even the future of technology will be exhibited and exchange, so the exhibition attracted a large number of buyers, technical engineers, product managers, designers come to the show. In 2013 COMPAMED, attracted 645 exhibitors from 39 countries, the exhibition area of 10000 square meters, has attracted 16000 spectators from around the world come to the show.
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