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The characteristics of promotional activities

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Exhibition promotion is a very complex work, mainly in the following characteristics:

(A) integrity

Exhibition promotion is a multi-task, such as to promote the exhibition of Baidu investment, the establishment of a good image of the show to create a competitive advantage, to assist the business representatives to guide the internal staff how to treat customers. Exhibition promotion services throughout the exhibition, is a whole publicity and promotion work, to pay attention to the overall interests of the show.

(B) the stage

Exhibition promotion and promotion of the task is not achieved at the same time, nor is it concentrated in a certain period of time to achieve, but with the progress of the exhibition preparations and the actual needs of the exhibition step by step step by step to achieve. At different stages of the exhibition, the promotion and promotion of the exhibition are also different goals. For example, in the exhibition preparation period, publicity and promotion is mainly to the business community will be the exhibition of the basic information, the progress of the preparatory work to promote the breeze of investment work smoothly; during the exhibition, publicity and promotion is to vigorously promote the exhibition Characteristics and highlights, and the next show of the fluttering and investment work; and after the end of the exhibition, will have to track the results of the exhibition, to expand the influence of the show.

(C) planning

Exhibition publicity and promotion of the task, the stage is strong, therefore, in the beginning of the exhibition preparations must carefully plan the exhibition promotion work, take care of the exhibition preparatory work in all aspects of the need for publicity and promotion.

(D) is essentially a propaganda of the service
The exhibition is essentially a service, the show is only a variety of exhibition services, a visible carrier. Exhibitors and the audience to participate in the exhibition, is to get trade transactions, information, display and other services. Therefore, the exhibition promotion is essentially in the promotion and promotion of the exhibition of various services.
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