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2018The thirty-second International Exhibition on Chemical Engineering, environmental protection and Biotechnology

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The name of the exhibition: thirty-second at the international chemical engineering, environmental protection and Biotechnology Exhibition (ACHEMA 2018)
Exhibition date: June 11, 2018 - 15
Venue: Frankfurt, Germany
Exhibition period: three years
Organizer: German decima - chemical and Biological Technology Association
Organizer: Shanghai quality Exhibition Co.
Shanghai merchants Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Last exhibition:
The 2015 ACHEMA exhibition demonstrates the latest technologies and developments in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. ACHEMA show the focus of the three themes: BiobasedWorld ACHEMA - Process Analytical Technology industrial biotechnology; (PAT) -- the analysis of process automation and laboratory; Industrial Water Management, the water resources sustainable use.
In 2015, the number of exhibitors and visitors continued to grow, and the feedback from exhibitors and visitors was encouraging. It is worth noting that, for the first time, China has become the second largest country after Germany, more and more Chinese companies into Akhma, to show the world the strength of China made.
Dessima, the association's chief executive officer Dr. Bagorman said: "one of the biggest highlights of this exhibition is Chinese for the first time to become the second largest exhibitors at the German Pavilion, next to, and continue to implement the exhibition area and the number of exhibitors of double growth. We welcome and look forward to the future of more Chinese enterprises into Akhma."
Exhibition introduction:
The world's Top Forum on Chemical Engineering and process industries, environmental protection and Biotechnology
Innovation platform and technology summit, a large number of new products and starter products
Convergence leading industry trends
Rapid increase in investment decisions
International network of experts and managers
At the German industrial exhibition held since 1920, the scale is expanding. At the industrial exhibition is a cross industry manufacturers, users, developers and communication among scientists about ideas and experience. Exhibitors to show the latest developments in the world, the future oriented product concepts and services, precise positioning industry prospects, mobilize synergies. ACHEMA has a positive effect on the innovation and promotion of process industry.
The meeting is always the important content at the ACHEMA exhibition held at the same meeting and lectures are of high level.
Exhibits range:
The research and Innovation: to display the world's colleges and universities and research institutions, course of study and research, mainly related to the academic basic theory of Chemical Engineering: chemical industry, processing engineering, measurement and control, machinery and equipment engineering, materials science, environmental protection, biological technology.
The literature, information and teaching aids: specializing in science and Technology Literature: international publishers for chemical industry, processing engineering, bio technology, measurement and control, materials science, environmental protection, information system and database fields; learning for university education, vocational training and any level of re education and provide support to help the the manufacturer.
The laboratory and analysis technology for research and application in industrial facilities, laboratory equipment, chemicals and services; planning and laboratory equipment; physical and chemical analysis instrument, sample preparation, weighing and measuring technology, spectroscopy, chromatography and related fields, surface analysis, environmental analysis, laboratory diagnosis and automation; service and contract analysis.
- Chemical Engineering: Chemical Engineering and biological technology; catalyst, reactor, micro technology; computer aided engineering; process simulation software; waste gas treatment of water and wastewater treatment plant, waste disposal and recycling, production and logistics services; finance; supply chain management; chemical park.
The mechanical processing: for mechanical processing equipment, instruments, tools, machinery, such as mixing, kneading, mixing, sieving and filtering (including cloth), centrifugal, crushing, grinding, sintering, homogenizing, conveying, weighing device and cleaning technology driven.
The heat treatment for heat treatment tools, instruments, machinery and equipment; such as distillation, rectification, absorption, extraction, crystallization, drying, heating and cooling; electrochemical treatment, membrane bioreactor, biorefinery, synthetic fiber processing, power generation, heat pump, heat transfer and thermal insulation technology; clean room technology. Air conditioning equipment, industrial gas. New energy and storage, new battery concept, fuel cell technology.
- pump, compressor, valve and standard parts: applied to all media, suitable for different operating conditions and load of pump and compressor; valve, standard parts, tubes, seals and gaskets; high pressure cleaning equipment.
The pharmaceutical, packaging and storage: batching, casting, filling, sealing, packaging, labeling and inspection of machinery and equipment and packaging materials production, manufacturing and packaging; drug machinery; storage and transportation technology.
Industrial and labor safety and personal protection and environmental protection equipment and measures, such as oxygen, protective clothing, monitoring system, explosion protection, sound insulation, anti electrostatic technology, transportation of hazardous substances.
The instrumentation, control and automation technology, industrial control equipment, automatic control system and operation monitoring; chemical science and engineering data processing system and method, computer and microprocessor control production process; continuous measurement and control analyzer, production concentration sensor; electronic engineering system, equipment and spare parts.
Material: chemical engineering technology and testing for metal, non-metallic materials and synthetic materials, technical equipment and production equipment of various materials, surface protection (for example

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