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2017Biotechnology Exhibition in Hannover, Germany, BIOTECHNICA Europe's leading biotechnology, life science and laboratory technology event

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Hannover Biotechnology Exhibition (2017)
Exhibition name (English): BIOTECHNICA
Exhibition date: May 16, 2017 -5 month 18 days
Exhibition Center, Hannover, Germany
Exhibition period: two years
Organizer: Hannover Expo Group
China exhibition organizers: Shanghai exclusive quality Exhibition Co.
China's official agreement exclusive investment unit (general agent): Shanghai grace Exhibition Co., Ltd. (to provide the general assembly to verify the official phone investment qualification)
Exhibition introduction
As Europe's largest and most influential Biotechnology Exhibition, BIOTECHNICA held every two years in Hannover, germany. In the field of biotechnology, R & D outsourcing has become increasingly common. Technical experience in biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical companies rely more on external partners, through cooperation with developed quickly and efficiently, which is reflected in the effective components of production, pharmaceutical research, certification process etc.. To build a platform for the development of Hannover biotechnology BIOTECHNICA biological services, the service providers, enterprises and research institutions together. The exhibition will be held at the Hannover biotechnology show. The exhibitors will be able to take this opportunity to present the latest innovations, meet with service providers, discuss cooperation, and expand the sales network.
The trade fair's main groups come from industry, research and science. In the chemical industry, food, environmental technology and life sciences industry, the show will show traders the latest technology products, laboratory solutions, automation and infrastructure, analysis and expert services. To build a platform of Hannover Biotechnology Exhibition BIOTECHNICA for biological services, enables service providers, enterprises and research institutions together. The exhibition will be held at the Hannover biotechnology show. The exhibitors will be able to take this opportunity to present the latest innovations, meet with service providers, discuss cooperation, and expand the sales network.
The scope of the exhibition includes four parts: biotechnology, biotechnology, biotechnology applications, biological analysis and bioinformatics. In addition, the exhibition will actively focus on future social problems, such as food reform and biotechnology. The need for high quality food and the safety and sustainability of food supplies are now a series of challenges in the field of food biotechnology. Food safety and food analysis technology play a key role in the field of biotechnology, which makes it the focus of the Biotechnica exhibition. In addition, the shortage of fossil fuels and rising energy prices is a hot topic in recent years, but also allows us to actively seek new energy. Biotechnica will be released at the time of a topic of industrial biotechnology seminars for everyone to understand the great potential and diversity of industrial biotechnology.
About biotechnology and life sciences topics, such as biological information, personalized medicine and bio economy, will become the 2017 Biotechnica theme of the forum, other topics including occupation planning and recruitment, partners and network development and support start-ups and so on will also frequently appear in the forum. Speakers of these topics will be from the participating enterprises, universities, research institutes, Biotech Corp, the national exhibition hall and the international pavilion.
Previous exhibition
In 2015, BIOTECHNICA has a total of 10000 professional visitors, compared to the year of 2013, the number of professional visitors outside Germany, the exhibition attracted a large number of visitors from the EU countries and South America and asia. More than 80% of the audience evaluated the 2015 show quite well. Hannover Biotechnology Exhibition, including the important exhibitors in Jena, Germany, Brook spectroscopy, Chi Chi laboratory, etc..
In 2015, the Hannover biotech show attracted 616 exhibitors from 28 countries. At the scene, exhibiting companies in medicine, food production, industry, environmental protection and other areas of the latest product equipment, sharing of research findings, technical solutions and innovative results. At the same time, they visit BIOTECHNICA to get inspiration for many product development. Hannover biological technology exhibition, professional audience fit and have higher decision-making power, so all exhibitors praise. About 20% of the audience from outside Germany, from Western European countries, non EU countries and Asian countries, the number of visitors increased significantly. In 20% of the foreign audience, the United Kingdom, Holland, Sweden and France accounted for the largest number of.
From basic research, biological technology value-added services, production process has been to direct listing of products, all aspects of Hannover biotechnology exhibition exhibits covering biotechnology industry chain, focus on industry development trend in the hottest.
1) biotechnology engineering
Bioreactor; bioreactor equipment; biotechnology development; GLP/GMP; bioreactor analysis; aseptic technology; downstream treatment; ultrapure water systems; laboratory equipment; logistics; measurement and control
2) Bioinformatics
Molecular database; bioinformatics; software modeling / simulation software; chemometrics; evolutionary strategy; drug authentication software; data mining; scientific software; laboratory information management system; Laboratory of electronic record system; personal software services; process optimization software; knowledge management; image processing
3) biological analysis
Process analysis; biosensor; genomics; proteomics and other omics; diagnostics; electrophoresis / capillary electrophoresis;
4) biotechnology services
Pharmaceutical, diagnostic and biomedical applications
5) other
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