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2017The fifteenth Russia international laboratory instrument and Equipment Exhibition

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Fifteenth the 2017 Analitika Russia international laboratory instrument and Equipment Exhibition
Exhibition date: -13 April 11, 2017
Exhibition period: once a year
Venue: Moscow sokoli Nicky Exhibition Center
Organizer: ITE group
The industry's top Exhibition - Munich, Germany analytica exhibition India branch exhibition, the India Peninsula, the largest platform for chemical analysis, laboratory and biotechnology.
China's official agreement exclusive investment unit (general agent): Shanghai grace Exhibition Co., Ltd. (to provide the general assembly to verify the official phone investment qualification)
Exhibition introduction:
Analitika is Russia's most famous analysis and bio analytical industry exhibition, but also through the World Exhibition Association (UFI) and the Russian Convention and Exhibition Industry Alliance (RUEF) accredited laboratory industry event. Focus on the analysis of the latest technology in the field, attracting a large number of buyers from Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe each year. Analitika-2017 is the latest technology in analytical chemistry as the theme, showing the industry's most advanced technology and equipment. The industry's top companies will be in the field of product display and promotion. The exhibition a year, in the face of an increasingly active market, Analitika2017 is a great opportunity to understand the latest development of new product technology and industry.
ITE International Exhibition Co. Ltd has been actively engaged in international marketing activities, the greatest degree attracted to buy the biggest potential audience, including tens of thousands of decision makers, they come from Russia and have at least 38 overseas countries billions of dollars in the market. Company managers, engineers, manufacturers, quality management, procurement, product manager, R & D, marketing and sales personnel accounted for 95% of the audience, they come from various industries, including metal processing, metallurgy, petroleum, natural gas, nuclear industry, nuclear industry, chemical industry, pharmacy, food and medical etc.. Organizing Committee of the exhibition to Moscow Sokolniki Exhibition Center, the exhibition center held annually about 50 international exhibition, the size of a total of 11 pavilions, 5 minutes walk from the subway is very convenient. Exhibitors and the audience on the spot service class, storage room, conference room, auditorium equipment, coffee lounge, wireless network, live video and audio monitoring, etc.. Analitika enabled the exhibition center of the two new exhibition hall, so that the exhibition will be more popular.
Last exhibition review:
2016 Analitika total area of 8049 square meters. A total of 216 exhibitors, respectively, from 18 different countries, including overseas exhibitors accounted for 31%. Professional audience reached 6014, from the 23 countries and Russia in the region, an increase of 10% over 2015, in. Booth area, the number of exhibitors, as well as the number of viewers are again high, no doubt reflects the attractiveness of Analitika and the broad prospects of the Russian market. The audience of the show back rate high, 2014 up to 100% visitors to the exhibition plan again in 15 years. 98% of visitors to the show that the audience is conducive to help them make better purchasing decisions. 68% of the audience said, Analytika is the only choice to show them in Russia and CIS countries, 81% of the audience on the scene carefully compared to similar products and services, 41% of the audience is to find a new partner suppliers. From the composition of exhibitors, including equipment, materials, accessories of all kinds of laboratory manufacturers, suppliers and technology providers, and display the experimental design, quality analysis equipment, laboratory furniture, laboratory IT solutions. For buyers, it is almost impossible for them to see such a comprehensive product in any other place, which is the best opportunity for them to purchase equipment, expand their business and understand the market. Therefore, they will not miss this exhibition, let alone exhibitors?
Why exhibitors:
1.Analitika exhibition is the largest integrated exhibition of analytical chemistry, experimental technology and biotechnology in Russia and CIS countries
2 meet industry leaders, get valuable advice, insight into the analytical chemistry industry innovation trends, understand the market
3 understanding of the world's leading companies in the laboratory industry, a large number of products, technologies and services
4 establish trade links with Russia and trade distributors around the world to attract buyers to a lucrative contract
Exhibits range:
L: biochemical analysis and biochemical instruments, medical diagnostic instruments, bio pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and diagnostic instruments, protein / phthalocyanine synthesis system, molecular biology instruments, amino acid sequencing, DNA synthesis, eliasa, cell biology instruments, biochemical engineering equipment, bio technology equipment, fermentation equipment, extraction equipment, separation equipment, filtration equipment, sterilization equipment, purification equipment, detection and control equipment, liquid handling equipment, water equipment, cleaning equipment and various supplies
L analysis: electronic instrument and optical microscope, electron probe, optical analysis instrument, spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, chromatography, spectroscopy, spectrum analyzer, electrochemical analysis instrument, X ray analysis instrument, thermal analysis instrument, all kinds of portable instrument, surface analysis instruments, nuclear analytical instrument, element analysis instrument, process analysis instrument, component analysis injection instrument, analysis instrument
L laboratory equipment: all kinds of weighing scales, weighing sensor, weighing display controller and related testing instruments, components and materials; laboratory furniture, laboratory equipment and laboratory equipment, automation and accessories, optical instruments, electronic measuring instrument, multimeter, oscilloscope, electronic probe, electronic simulation system, SCM the development of system, image processing system, testing instruments and apparatus, calibration device, measuring and weighing system
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