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2017The fourteenth Brazil International Conference on laboratory and biotechnology, analysis and quality control

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The fourteenth Brazil international laboratory and biotechnology, analytical and Quality Control Instrument Exhibition 2017
Time: September 26, 2017 -28 day
Exhibition venue: St Paul Exhibition Center Exhibition cycle: two year organizers: Nuremberg International Expo
China Merchants exclusive licensing agency: Shanghai grace Exhibition Co., Ltd.
China's official agreement exclusive investment unit (general agent): Shanghai grace Exhibition Co., Ltd. (to provide the general assembly to verify the official phone investment qualification)
Exhibition introduction
The biennial Analitica Latin America has a history of over 20 years, has been successfully held 12 sessions, is Brazil's most authoritative exhibition of experimental instruments and testing equipment, exhibits throughout the biochemical field, analytical instruments, laboratory equipment, exhibitors evaluation of this exhibition for Brazil's largest exhibition of experimental equipment.
Analitica Latin America exhibition provides a business platform for all exhibitors and the audience to bring business opportunities, so that they find the latest and highest level of technology in the field of industry.
Analitica Latin America is one of the world's top chemical and analytical industry conferences. In the Biennale, from laboratory technology, biological technology and quality control of the suppliers, distributors and manufacturers put forward a variety of solutions for customers and show distinctive products and services.
The exhibition industry professionals to follow the development of new technology enterprises at home and abroad, take the Analitica Latin America held a series of lectures, seminars and forums of knowledge innovation series, including the fourth Analitica professional forum, arena link knowledge and innovation, on-site laboratory, popularize scientific and technological knowledge, and these activities closely, to create a a unique correlation between business environment for everyone.
Exhibits related industries
Biochemical field: biochemical instruments, medical instruments, bio pharmaceutical analysis and diagnostic instruments, reagents and diagnosis, DNA synthesis, eliasa, cell biology instruments, biochemical engineering equipment, biotechnology equipment, fermentation equipment, extraction equipment, separation equipment, filtration equipment, sterilization equipment, purification equipment, detection and control equipment liquid handling equipment, cleaning equipment and various supplies;
Analysis: electronic instrument and optical microscope, electron probe, optical analysis instrument, spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, chromatography, spectroscopy, spectrum analyzer, electrochemical analysis instrument, X ray analysis instrument, thermal analysis instrument, all kinds of portable instrument, surface analysis instruments, nuclear analytical instrument, element analysis instrument, process analytical instruments, instrument analysis injection analysis instrument;
Laboratory equipment: laboratory instruments and equipment, laboratory automation and accessories, optical instruments, electronic measuring instrument, multimeter, oscilloscope, electronic probe, electronic simulation system, microcontroller development system, image processing system, testing instruments and apparatus, calibration device, measuring and weighing system, chemical reagent, laboratory renovation technology, material and related software;
Industry specific areas: environmental detection and analysis instrument, petrochemical instrument, electronic communication fiber, building materials, aerospace, medical and health industry instruments, measurement, quality control, materials testing, material identification etc..
Scope of Exhibits
Analysis of clinical and laboratory equipment; laboratory automation; laboratory analytical instruments; accessories; measuring and test equipment; quality control; supplier / manufacturer of chemical reagents; laboratory gas; laboratory furniture; biotechnology company; diagnosis;
Pollution control; room cleaning; sewage and tributary treatment; transport and logistics companies; consulting; services
The distribution of interest to buyers in 2015
Laboratory equipment - 20% laboratory accessories - 18% measurement and quality control instruments - 14%
Chemical reagent - 13% laboratory furniture ----6%
Analytical instruments - 13% intelligent solutions - 10% Biotechnology - - 6%
The last exhibition highlights
Chemical industry accounted for fourth of the total industrial production in Brazil
7523 professional audience
The company's decision makers make up 55% of the audience
500 brand exhibitors
The fourth Analitica Forum - knowledge and innovation platform
Arena - knowledge and innovation
Explore market trends ----Analitica new technologies for gathering chemical and analytical industries
51% of the international audience comes from Latin America - a significant Exhibition for the Mercosur
55% of the audience is directly responsible for the procurement business
11% of the audience is in the coming year invested 1 million, Brazil
4 reasons for participating in Analitica Latin America:
1) to broaden the sales channels and meet the decision makers
2, the first release of new products, the dissemination of new technologies
3. Establish the company's visibility in the target market
4) to establish a cooperative relationship, increase the potential of the enterprise product, service and information exchange
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