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2017Munich international laser and Optoelectronics Technology Expo

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Exhibition date: 2017 06 - 26 to 29
Venue: Munich New International Expo Center
Holding period: two years
Organizer: Munich International Expo Group (MMG)
Organizer: Shanghai quality Exhibition Co.
Exhibition scope:
Laser and Optoelectronics
Optical manufacturing technology, sensing devices
Optical manufacturing technology, sensing devices
Optical imaging
Production engineering design
Application of laser technology in medical industry
material processing
Industrial imaging, lighting
Exhibition advantage:
1) the world's top trade event in the optoelectronics industry:
As the world's most important event in the photoelectric trade, Munich optoelectronics exhibition brings together more than 1227 exhibitors from more than 42 countries in the world, the exhibition area of 55000 square meters.
2) exhibiting a wide range of commodities:
In the exhibition area of 55000 square meters, Munich optoelectronics show covers almost all of the optoelectronic products. At the same time, it is the world's only coverage of such a comprehensive exhibition.
3) the most important industry gathering:
The Munich international exhibition brings together a world-class audience of professionals, providing you with the opportunity to develop new contacts with potential customers.
4. Comprehensive project support
Whether or not special exhibitions, forums, or other social activities are involved: our project support plan is different from its consistent application and provides important insights into your daily business. Its unique form can also make it more convincing. 96% of the participants will be given the quality of the exhibition and the scope of the evaluation.
5 "the world of light": the interface between science and Industry
Optoelectronics Expo is the best time for Europe's leading science event and the international scientific elite. It promotes research and practical applications, and is gradually becoming an important business factor. 65% of the exhibitors said that the participants are an important target group of customers, of which 44% of the exhibitors also said they want to attract potential target groups from universities.
6) large scale marketing
Whether it is related to the seminar or news service, or if you want to make an eye-catching ad: we will provide you with a comprehensive service to help you as much as possible.
We will provide you with the following quality tailored marketing services:
Marketing package
Invitation and contact management
Media service
Exhibition advertising
Trade Fair sponsorship
Journalism and public relations
Employment Guidance Center
Other services
Overview of the European Photovoltaic market:
1 optoelectronic industry as a global industry, the production of optoelectronic devices and systems in the world occupies a pivotal position in the world. Photovoltaic manufacturing industry is a rapidly growing industry in europe. From the perspective of the photovoltaic industry in Germany, mainly in the roof photovoltaic system;
2 Europe accounts for about 80% of global PV market share, of which Germany and Italy are the most prominent. According to data released by the German Federal network, in 2010 the German new PV installed capacity of up to 7400MW, accounting for about 42% of the total installed capacity of the world;
3 of the seven industrial contribution to the European balance of the market, namely photovoltaic, defense, optical sensing system, product technology, measurement and machine recognition, medical technology, lighting, but in Europe, laser processing, photovoltaic lighting field in the leading level in the world;
4 belong to the mature markets of Europe, although not seen such massive subsidies China, but its high price and the light of cultural differences, making commercial lighting and outdoor lighting applications demand persistent architectural situations.
According to the "5 LEDinside 2011 to 2015 European lighting market report shows that although many European traditional lighting manufacturers with halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps as the main light source, is now actively developing LED lamps, and with local architects, designers and global distributors to establish a close relationship, lighting engineering undertaking European regional project, LED lighting market in Europe in 2012 the growth of $3 billion 10 million, is an important market worthy of exploitation. According to LEDinside statistics, influenced by some European countries began to ban incandescent lamp number taking advantage of high wattage implementation policy, estimated the European LED lighting to 2015 will reach $10 billion level, 2011 ~ 2015 years compound annual growth rate of approximately 38% of the estimated.
2015 exhibition overview:
About 31279 professional buyers from about 72 countries
A total of 1227 exhibitors from 42 countries
55000 square meters exhibition area
From 18 countries, a total of 181 media
About 3500 participants and more than 2700 lectures

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