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Bid farewell to the road exhibition into the exhibition hall

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3 days of the 17th China Electrical and Cultural Festival and the International Electrotechnical Fair yesterday in Yueqing City, Liu Bai New City, China Electric Appliance City opened. Bid farewell to the field ridge exhibition, with a fixed place, from the road show era into the exhibition hall of the "gorgeous turn" to achieve the dream of China's electrical capital for many years.

Exhibition to "innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing" as the theme, by the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, Yueqing Municipal People's Government, Zhejiang Electric Industry Association. The entire booth to reach more than 1,600, 900 exhibitors, including more than 200 exhibitors from the field, the products involved in high and low voltage electrical appliances, transmission and distribution equipment, instrumentation, complete sets of equipment, wire and cable.

After 17 years of ups and downs, the exhibition has developed into a strong electrical industry, display electrical products, promote the main window of electrical culture, to promote domestic and foreign enterprises to carry out trade negotiations, investment cooperation well-known platform. Over the past 10 years, Delixi, People's Group of electrical products have served the country "God five" "God six" "God seven" "God eight" "God nine" "God ten" "Chang'e One" "Chang'e II "Chang'e III" "Temple One" and other aerospace projects, highlighting the Wenzhou electric industry strong scientific and technological strength. According to statistics, Wenzhou electrical industry with an annual output value of more than 100 billion yuan, low-voltage electrical occupies one-third of the domestic market share.
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