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The 13th China International Conference on Exhibition Economy

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The 13th China International Conference on Exhibition Economy (CEFCO 2017) was opened in Macau. The theme of this forum is "Facing Challenges, Revising", from the perspective of government, enterprises, associations and so on, to explore the global economic recovery in the weak, China's old and new economic transformation of the new situation of the global exhibition industry, how to seize the opportunity to meet Challenge, transformation and development.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the Secretary for Economy and Finance of the Macao SAR, Mr Leung Witt, said that the forum was held in Macau, not only for the recognition of Macao's exhibition industry, but also to further enhance Macau's visibility as a convention and exhibition city and attract more international conferences. To be held in Australia; more importantly, through different stages of participation activities for the Macao exhibition industry to provide a rare practice and exchange opportunities for the future development of the exhibition industry in Macao bring new inspiration.

The signing ceremony of the signing ceremony of the "Mainland and Macao on the establishment of the Macao Development Conference and Exhibition Industry Joint Working Committee", "Macao Trade and Exhibition Association and the International Exhibition Industry Association cooperation agreement" and a series of aims to promote the Macao exhibition industry Development of the document.
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