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Reflection on the Innovation and Development of Exhibition Industry

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In recent years, the exhibition industry to an average annual growth rate of 10-15% rapid development, has become an important engine of economic growth. 2015 China held a variety of exhibition output value is estimated to more than 500 billion yuan, indirectly led tourism, catering, transportation, advertising, entertainment, real estate and other industries output value of up to several trillion yuan.

With the popularity of the national Internet + strategy landing, based on the "Internet + exhibition" innovative model is greatly assist the exhibition industry economic innovation transformation and speed.
As a new form of display of the Internet exhibition, digital exhibition is the biggest advantage of the line under the exhibition of the panorama of the transplant to the line, the use of cloud computing will be the entire exhibition industry, large data quantification, and then these quantitative data and data With the VR and ZR (recycling reality) to establish a comprehensive information digital pavilion model. The digital pavilion model contains the B-and C-side information for the entire exhibition industry. With different ports according to the needs of the upstream and downstream industry chain, open up the industry barriers to the formation of intelligent data services and display experience. Simply to digital-based, combined with mobile Internet technology and offline industry exhibitions and participants to integrate a digital information integrated display space, thus forming a full three-dimensional new exhibitions and services.

Internet + exhibition innovation, reconstruction of the exhibition industry business value, change the service boundary, improve service efficiency and quality. In order to complete the iterative information, the entire exhibition industry will speed up the operating mechanism of the Internet process reengineering, the use of large data development platform for the management and operation, thus creating a new situation in the development of the exhibition industry to achieve the upgrading of the exhibition industry - online + Exhibition OAO model ".

In the current era of highly interconnected, almost all acts can be traced to. Big data analysis will combine the tracking data from a variety of sources to analyze trends and assist business decisions and improve customer engagement experiences. The exhibition industry is one of the most important industries, large data aggregation, analysis and application has become the core needs of industry and business, exhibition industry is becoming a need to quantify the value of the industry. Digital exhibition will be a new model and convenient data collection advantages for the participants of the exhibition to provide multi-faceted large data services.
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