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Date:  Mar. 2022

Venue: Seaside Pavilion, Beirut-Lebanon

Frequency: Annual

Organiser:  Lebanon Expo


Description of the Event

RAWMEC is Lebanon’s largest recycling and waste management exhibition and conference. 

It is part of a bigger platform called Lebanon Sustainability Week, which will focus on solid waste, industrial waste and alternative energy. 

With participation from various stakeholders including decision-makers, industry experts, innovators, private sector, investors and academia, RAWMEC will provide impetus to sustainability initiatives in Lebanon and other regional countries. 

Lebanon Sustainability Week will be a venue for knowledge-sharing, brainstorming, solutions delivery, technology transfer, peer networking and capacity building in the solid waste management, industrial waste management, industrial wastewater treatment and renewable energy sectors. 

It will provide a deep understanding of social, economic, environmental and technology trends driving the sustainability sector and will help in implementing technology-driven solutions to key environmental problems in Lebanon.



Waste management is one of the biggest environmental challenges in Lebanon. The waste stream is steadily increasing in volume, especially with respect to municipal solid waste, industrial waste, hazardous waste and agricultural waste. The composition of waste is also becoming more complex and varied, containing increasing amounts of plastics, chemicals, and electronics, placing increasing demands for sustainable waste management strategy in Lebanon in order to safeguard human health, natural ecosystems and sustainable development.

As per conservative estimates, Lebanon generates around 7,000 tons of municipal solid waste per day, out of which 48 percent is land filled, 29 percent openly dumped, 15 percent composted and only 8 percent recycled.


Exhibitor Profile:

Ø  Government Ministries

Ø  Environmental solutions companies

Ø  Solid waste management companies

Ø  Industrial waste management companies

Ø  Hazardous waste management companies

Ø  Biomass energy companies

Ø  Biogas technology companies

Ø  Waste to Energy companies

Ø  Energy management companies

Ø  Energy storage companies

Ø  Independent power producers

Ø  Landfill management companies

Ø  Solar energy companies

Ø  Wind energy companies

Ø  Smart metering companies

Ø  Wastewater treatment companies

Ø  Environmental laboratories

Ø  Mobility companies

Ø  Real estate developers

Ø  Facility management companies

Ø  Water management companies

Ø  Agro-industries

Ø  Food/beverage manufacturing companies

Ø  Smart technology companies

Ø  Lighting solutions companies

Ø  Automation companies

Ø  Non-governmental organizations

Ø  Market research companies

Ø  Industrial equipment manufacturers

Ø  SOLID WASTE MANAGMENT : Integrated Waste Management/Recycling Technologies/MRFs/MBTs/Waste-to-Wealth/Circular Economy/Smart Waste Management/SWM Financing/Landfill Management

Ø  INDUSTRIAL WASTE : Industrial waste treatment/Industrial wastewater treatment/Recycling and reuse of wastewater/Municiple wastewater treatment/Water Conservation/Air pollution Control/Remediation of Contaminated Soils/Water Quality/Environmental Management Systems

Ø  ALTERNATIVE ENERGY :  MSW-to-Energy/Biogas Technology/Biomass Energy/Biofuels/CHP Systems/Energy Storage/Micro Grids/Solar Energy/Wind Energy


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