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Date: Apr. 2021

Venue: San Diego

Frequency: Annual

Organiser:  ISRI


Description of the Event

2020 exhibition was cancelled due to the COVID-19.

The ISRI convention is the industry’s must-attend event, and 2019 was no exception. 5,000 attendees gathered in Los Angeles for the largest recycling event in the world, excited to conduct business, build relationships, share ideas and explore the latest technology.


Why exhibit?

Being an official Exhibitor not only positions your company as a leader in recycling industry, but also gives you access to more than 5,000 attendees who turn to ISRI conventions for unparalleled networking, industry education, social events, and equipment and product evaluation.

These attendees are among the most influential and powerful buyers and equipment users in the industry, representing more than 50 countries.  

Being an exhibitor at ISRI2020 is a smart move for your business.  Every year, companies walk away with high quality leads and enjoy unparalleled marketing support.

The ISRI Convention offers booth spaces as well as equipment display space on the expo floor, with long-term exhibitors given preference on space selection. The ISRI2020 Convention Expo will offer more than 250,000 square feet of exhibition space.

• Four days devoted solely to all aspects of the recycling industry.
• The energy of 5,000 recyclers from around the world together in one place and focused on business opportunities.
• Solutions to common industry challenges including workforce management, market development, regulations and compliance issues, safety, operations, and more.
• The opportunity for face-to-face interaction with clients and customers, potential business partners, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, and industry experts.
• The ability to shop, compare, and purchase new equipment and services.
• Expand your knowledge on key industry issues.
• Networking, networking, and networking.



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