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TIWW 2021

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DateOctober.14-16, 2021


VenueTaipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1


About the event

Organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and co-organized by the Water Resources Agency (WRA), the first edition of Taiwan International Water Week (TIWW 2019) came to an end on Sep. 28. Featuring 113 exhibitors using 217 booths, the TIWW attracted nearly 4,500 professional buyers from home and abroad, including buyers from 40 countries such as Japan, the United States, Egypt, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore. It is obvious that the TIWW, which Taiwan demonstrates its strength of innovative water technologies to the world, has become a unique trading platform that no other suppliers and traders in the industry can afford to miss.

Premier Tseng-chang Su of the Executive Yuan and Deputy Minister Wen-Sheng (Vincent) Tseng of the Ministry of Economic Affairs visited the "Water Industry Pavilion" organized by the Water Resources Agency to affirm their innovative technologies, such as the real-time monitoring and sensing system developed by the AnaSystem, a new technology which enables a city to collect and analyze rainfall data to monitor the water level during the flooding season; the low-energy consumption, high-yield and environmentally friendly water treatment technology developed by POWER PURE in cooperation with National Taiwan University; the world’s first ever portable sterilizing device, developed by the EleClean Corp., which can energize any water and quickly convert it into highly active oxygen disinfectant water for environmental cleaning and sterilization.

In addition, the first TIWW was highly praised by a number of exhibitors. Gal Zohar, CEO of IDE Technologies, the largest desalination plant in Israel, said that the results far exceeded his expectations and he will take part next year and request for more booths. Taiwan’s manufacturer Zig Sheng said that several rounds of negotiations had been conducted with buyers from Japan, Mexico and the Philippines, and he expected that good results will come up soon; both Ever-Clear Environmental Eng. and Fenri Energy Nature Revivie mentioned that their booths were crowded by continuous traffic of visitors and they were very satisfied with the exhibition. TIWW's services were also applauded by international media. Olivia Tempest, Content Manager of Smart Water Magazine in Spain, said that she appreciated the support that Taiwan Government has been giving to the water industry and she was very much impressed by the innovative smart water solutions at the event.

To facilitate business opportunities between makers and buyers, TAITRA held the "1-on-1 procurement meetings" and "Government Procurement meetings", which invited mega buyers from 16 countries, including Turkey, India, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Bulgaria, South Africa, Egypt, Mexico and so on with 144 face-to-face meetings. Among them, The Mexican buyers from Aqualife Latinamerican said that they have found pumps and reverse osmosis (RO) filters that meet their procurement requirements. Meanwhile, VALVO from Bulgaria has also met with several potential suppliers for its water purification equipment.

The next TIWW will be held at the Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1 from September 24th to 26th, 2020. 


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