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ENVEX 2021

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Time: July 7-10, 2021

Venue: COEX, Seoul, South Korea

Organizer: KEPA

Frequency: Annually

Also known as: 42nd International Exhibition on Environmental Technology & Green Energy


About the Expo:

Envex in Seoul is an international exhibition for environmental technology and green energy. The exhibition is a communication and information platform for the industry and offers exhibitors the opportunity to present themselves to an interested audience. Visitors can inform themselves detailed and comprehensive about the latest developments, trends, information services and products from the different areas.


Features of Envex:

1. Korea’s representative environmental exhibition

ENVEX is the biggest environmental exhibition in Korea, having 50,000 of visitors including 1,400 of overseas buyers around the globe. It is expected to accomplish 450 million dollars of deal amount on business meetings and more than 210 million dollars of provisional value of contract through business meetings.

2. Opportunity to meet Korea’s outstanding environmental technologies and products and establish long-lasting partnership with prospering environmental companies

l ENVEX introduces various patent technologies and up-to-date R&D technologies (KEITI’s Global Top certification) of small and medium corporations in Korea

l ENVEX provides both exhibitors and visitors with one on one business matching to find technical cooperation and to help explore market opportunities.

3. One on One business matching

ENVEX provides exhibitors with one on one business matching to find technical cooperation and to help explore market opportunities.



l Sewage & Waste water treatment, Membranes, River Purification, Refined water treatment, Livestock wastewater treatment, Microorganism, Water quality equipment, design & construction

l Harmful gas treatment, Flue-gas desulfurization(FGD), Denitrification treatment, TMS, Air monitoring equipment, Indoor air quality improving products


l Foodwaste treatment, Waste disposal, Waste gas treatment and recycling system,  Other related equipment

l Measurement & Analysis of emission gas, Measurement & Analysis of toxic substances, Measurement & Analysis of Noise/Vibration, Discharging measuring system, Monitoring facilities

l Green constructions, Green electronics, Products related to indoor air quality, Ecolabels, Appliances

l Rivers/Lakes purification, Ecological restoration, Soil restoration


l Seawater desalination plant & system

l Environmental chemistry, Fine chemistry, Biochemistry, Nanochemistry, Chemical additives

l Government-affiliated organization PR, Climate change measures PR, Local government performance PR, Water environment PR, New growth engine technology development

l Hybrid vehicles, Electric & Hydrogen cars, LPG, LPI, Battery & Other related equipment

l Solar energy module, Solar energy street lamps, Solar energy generation system and Solar heat system and other related products & technologies

l Wind power generation system & equipment

l Hydrogen infrastructure for production, storage, transportation and charging, Fuel cell for power generation, Fuel cell for transportation, Portable fuel cell

l Small hydro generation technology & system

l Geothermal heating and cooling systems

l Tidal power generation, Marine current power generation, Wave power generation, Ocean thermal energy conversion power generation

l Coal liquefaction, Biomass, Biodiesel, Bio gas



l 241 exhibitors from 19 countries in 600 booths

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Analysis of Exhibited Items



l 41,808 visitors (domestic: 40,802, overseas: 1,006)

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