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Thailand Lab 2020

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Time: October 28-30, 2020

Venue: Bangkok international Trade & Exhibition, Bangkok, Thailand

Organizer: VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.

Frequency: Annually


About the Expo

Thailand Lab focuses on Analytical Laboratory Equipment & Technology, Biotechnology & Life Sciences and Chemicals & Safety. It is one of the alternative trade exhibitions and conferences for laboratory technology, biotechnology, chemicals and safety in Southeast Asia. Its ultimate goal is to provide trade opportunity for laboratory equipment industry in Thailand and in Asia

Exhibitor Profile

Thailand Lab is a fabulous show of its kind which will have exhibitors from the world of laboratory. This event will have exhibits like Research and Innovation services, Laboratory and analytical Techniques, Instruments, Technologies. Exhibits will also include Calibration, Chemical and Reagents, Health and Safety Equipments, Environmental and Pollution Control Systems, Miscellaneous analytical instruments. Exhibits will come from fields like Research, Innovation, Laboratory and Analytical Techniques, Laboratory Instruments, Laboratory Technology, Calibration, Health and Safety Equipments, Chemicals and Reagents, Environmental and Pollution Control Systems, Miscellaneous Analytical Instruments.

Visitor Profile

Scientist, R&D Specialist, Researcher, Laboratory Manager, etc.

Analytical Instrument User and Engineer

Environmental Management/Biotechnology/Life Sciences

Chemical Industry Business, Petrochemical Processing Specialist

Food and Beverage Testing/Processing Professional

Pharmaceutical/Chemical/Machinery and Precision

Quality Control Management/Quality Assurance

National and Public Research Institute, Associated Industrial Cluster, Research Institute, Education

Corporate & Public Buyers, Analytical Instrument Dealer, Traders,

Clinical Diagnostic Personnel, Medical Technologist, etc.

Trade Association, Government Agency, Academics (academic medical centers/ research laboratories, university laboratories, etc.)

Others (blood banks, local public health laboratories, community clinics)

Key Facts

1. 9,109 trade visitors from 60 countries

2. 204 exhibitors from 15 countries

3. 2,694 conference delegates

4. 100 professional speakers



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