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Waste Tech 2021

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Date: June, 2021 

Venue: Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia

Frequency: Biennial 

Organizer: Reed Exhibitions Russia 


Description of the Event 

WasteTech is a premier forum covering waste treatment, environmental protection and renewable energy in Russia and neighboring countries.
Presenting at one site local and international manufacturers and suppliers of technologies, services and solutions from 25 countries to experts of municipal and environmental sectors in Russia and neighboring countries, WasteTech creates a unique platform for establishing new contacts, developing business relationships and expanding business. 

Business program in the framework of WasteTech is an effective platform for business meetings and discussion of environmental institutional issues, acute questions of waste management, wastewater treatment, gas emission cleaning. 


Why Exhibit? 

ü Get a complete insight of waste market: the best brands, offers, new trends   and technologies;

ü Search of effective solutions to increase sales and learn new opportunities for market expansion;

ü Launch your new product on the market;

ü Communicate with existing and potential clients and partners;

ü Solve the most important business tasks in just three days;

ü Take part in up-to-date event program or organize your own event to catch an extra attention from your audience;

ü Keep your market positions. If you skip the show your clients will be met by your competitors.


Participants(Estimated Count)

5500 Visitors
250 Exhibitors

Main Categories:

. Waste management and recycling
Collection and transportation, Waste treatment technologies, Integrated waste management. Waste minimization, Recycling, Products from waste
specialized exposition ScrapExpo (ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap recycling)

waste-to-energy, renewable energy, biomass, biogas

.  Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. Public toilets

.  Air-pollution control (LuftTech)
Air and gas treatment technologies, Dust prevention and Ventilation, Odor removal and control.

.  Reclamation of contaminated sites

.  Industrial cleaning

.  Green buildings

.  Improvement of territories
street cleaning, operating and snow removal. Planting of trees and gardens. Greenspace

.  Monitoring, control and analysis (ECOLAB)

.  Labour safety

.  Circular economy

Contact:  Nick Ni 

Tel: 021-36050835      Fax: 021-36050835

Mobile: 13901684989


Address: Room 601&611, Carnival Building, No. 210, Dahua Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai


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