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ADLM 2024

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Date: July 28- August 1, 2024

VenueAnaheim, CA, USA


Frequency: Annually  


Description of the event

The 2023 AACC Clinical Lab Expo is the premier global laboratory medicine exposition. As the place to learn about the breakthrough innovations shaping the future of clinical testing and patient care, AACC’s Clinical Lab Expo gives attendees the opportunity to browse 800+ exhibitors in person for the solutions to your lab-related needs. 

What the Expo Features

Product Showcase

Visit the electronic billboard outside the Expo Hall entrance to learn about innovative new products and services. You will have the opportunity to interact with the showcase to obtain detailed product and service information.

Lecture Series Presentations

Learn about the latest diagnostic technologies and services in these convenient, 20-minute presentations. The theater is located in the exhibit hall so you don’t need to leave the action of the Expo to attend. Presentations will be announced closer to the Expo.

Exhibit Hall Theater Industry Workshops and Hotel Industry Workshops

Find out about new diagnostic breakthroughs and critical lab medicine developments in the Exhibit Hall Theaters, which are conveniently located on the Expo show floor. Industry Workshops are also offered in nearby hotels. Workshops will be announced closer to the Expo.

Networking Events

The AACC Clinical Lab Expo provides additional opportunities to network with colleagues and make new connections. Past events have included happy hour, refreshment, and coffee breaks. Events will be announced closer to the Expo.

AACC Lab Feud

AACC hosts the annual Laboratory Feud, a special gameshow-style event featuring hot lab medicine topics. Details will be announced closer to the Expo.

Poster Abstracts

Posters of accepted abstracts are on display in the Poster Hall on the Expo Show floor for both scientific conference and expo hall attendees to visit.

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