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OPIE Japan 2021

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Date: Jun. 30-Jul. 2, 2021

VenuePacifico Yokohama, Yokohama, Japan

Organizer The Optronics Co., Ltd.

Frequency: Annual


Description of the event:

The objective of OPIC is to find the indicator for the future society by co-locating the Congress and the Exhibition and gathering worldwide most advanced technologies on optics and lasers. The OPIC/OPIE is the only annual international event on optics and photonics in order to develop the related industry in Japan by the cooperation of both laser industry and laser academia.


OPIE21 consists of the 6 Exhibitions

LASER EXPO / LENS EXPO (Design & Manufacturing) / IR+UV EXPO (Applied Technology)

Industrial Camera & Advanced Imaging EXPO / Space & Astronomical Optics EXPO / Positioning EXPO


Sucess in numbers:

(2020 OPIE was cancelled due to COVID-19, you may refer to OPIE 2019&2018)

2018 edition:

523 booth; 372 exhibitors; 16103 visitors;

2019 edition:

540 booth; 405 exhibitors; 16709 visitors;


Features of OPIE:

OPIE is one of the largest exhibitions in Japan specialized for the photonics industrial sector. It takes place at the end of April when a new fiscal year starts for most of companies and it has been regarded as the best opportunity for visitors to be here looking for “what’s new this year” and trend of technology related with their research, development and design activity.

It is the largest exhibition which has been held with international academic conferences on laser and photonics fields in Japan and top level scientists and engineers from university and companies visit to exchange information.

OPIE stands out for the major international exhibition by cooperation with various associations for optics and photonics representing for their countries including SPIE, OSA and CIOE.


Exhibit Profile:


Laser, LED, and various light sources

Optical Application Instrument or Equipment/Laser Application Instrument or Equipment

Measurement Instrument of Optical Application/Measurement Instrument of Laser Application

Laser Process Equipment/Medical Laser Instrument

Optical components, Laser parts, light-related materials

Opto-mechanical equipment, laboratory equipment, optical measuring instrument – Order processing services, contract research and development, related software

Laser lighting / Display / Optical wireless power supply zone

Optical Fiber Zone

LENS EXPO (Design & Manufacturing)


Lens material

Lens design

Lens manufacturing and processing equipment

IR+UV EXPO (Applied Technology)

Infrared related products

UV Related Products

Industrial Camera & Advanced Imaging EXPO

Spectroscopic imaging related products

In-vehicle cameras

Industrial cameras

Robot camerasIoT and network cameras

Nursing care cameras

Research / Bio and Medical cameras

Measurement cameras

Special cameras

Camera, video camera, camera system

Peripherals, Parts, Materials

Space & Astronomical Optics EXPO

curvature sensor

Shack-Hartmann sensor


infrared image detector

CCD detectoreyepiece

telescope camera


celestial automatic introduction system

astronomical telescope


cooled CCD camera / large binocular telescope

high-powered telescope


observatory dome and other

Positioning EXPO

Optical sensing & measurement related equipment, devices and systems

Positioning related equipment, devices and systems



About 6 Expos:


We are holding an exhibition that features the leading laser products, both from Japan and overseas, for the full range of scientific and industrial applications. Laser technology is expected to continually create new innovations, so many visitors come to this exhibition every year to see the latest laser products. By illustrating the full potential of the laser, it is possible to further strengthen the laser business and support the sustainable development of laser technology.

LENS EXPO (Design & Manufacturing)

This exhibition combines optical lenses with all the peripheral parts, designs, and manufacturing equipment to showcase the full range of optical lens products. Many industrial fields depend on optical technologies and there are increasing requirements for quality design and manufacturing equipment. Demand is growing, not only for mass-produced lenses, but also high added-value optical products. Companies that can meet these specification requirements are necessary in today’s growing market. At this exhibition, it is possible to understand the current optical lens design/manufacturing industry standards and connect them to your business.

IR+UV EXPO (Applied Technology)

This exhibition brings together applied infrared and applied ultraviolet products and companies. Infrared products include optical parts, camera systems, etc. from the infrared region, and should attract an audience from industry and research centers. In addition, this exhibition also covers terahertz-wave and applied ultraviolet products. Processing equipment and analysis / measurement applications will be featured and the exhibition will support direct business matching.

Industrial Camera & Advanced Imaging EXPO

Cameras are attracting a lot of attention in the autonomous vehicle industry, but this is just one example of the changing role of cameras in the modern world. Industrial and FA cameras, robot / IoT / networked cameras, nursing care and monitoring cameras, surveillance cameras, and other specialized cameras for measurement, research and biomedical applications are continually improving. At the same time, spectroscopic measurement technology has made remarkable progress through the development of light sources, spectrum analysis, and information processing technology. As technology improves and becomes more cost-effective, Raman spectroscopic techniques are becoming more common for industrial use.

However, until now, there has been no place to exchange information while looking over the entire range of industrial camera systems. Similar to the previously organized exhibition called “Vision Japan”, the Industrial Camera Expo was launched in 2017 by The Optronics Co., Ltd. to serve international companies that specialize in advanced camera systems. Now the 2019 Industrial Camera & Advanced Imaging Expo combines the full spectrum of industrial cameras with the latest software, processing, and network technology. OPIE—Optics & Photonics International Exhibition is becoming the largest optics and photonics technology exhibition in Japan, and it is extremely synergistic to hold the Industrial Cameras & Advanced Imaging Expo in this setting.

Space & Astronomical Optics EXPO

Optical technologies for space and astronomy are developing in a wide range and fast pace from basic to experimental use. These advanced systems require sophisticated components and software. This exhibition features the latest tools, parts, and equipment for engineers and researchers in the field of space and astronomical optics.

Positioning EXPO

Measurement and positioning systems requiring accuracies of micro- and nanoscale order. Optical metrology systems provide tools for scanning, measurement for manufacturing processes. Positioning equipment is often applied for biological research. These related tools are gathered together in a special exhibition. This is a good space to share product information with visitors, and also review and compare measurement / positioning systems with your business colleagues.


Benefit to visit OPIE:

OPIE is one of the largest exhibitions in Japan specialized for the photonics industrial sector. It takes place at the end of April when a new fiscal year starts for most of companies and it has been regarded as the best opportunity for visitors to be here looking for whats new this yearand trend of technology related with their research, development and design activity.

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