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2017 Australian Biotechnology Exhibition AusBiotech

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The 39th AusBiotech in 2017

Australia International Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Laboratory Equipment Conference & Exhibition

Date: October 25-17, 2017

Exhibition cycle: one year

Venue: Adelaide Convention and Exhibition Center, Southern Australia

Sponsor: Australian Biotechnology Association (ABA)

Exhibition level: Asia-Pacific region's premier biotechnology, laboratory equipment exhibition

China Banner: Shanghai Commodities Exhibition Co., Ltd

Note: Do not participate in the exhibition company can visit the market; the same time I will help meet the conditions of enterprises to apply for small and medium enterprises subsidies!

Range of exhibition:

A: biological treatment technology; biological engineering (bioprocess technology, bio-engineering):

Bioreactor, bioreactor equipment, bioprocessing technology development, press / gmp, bioreactor analysis, aseptic technology, downstream processing, ultrapure water systems, laboratory equipment, logistics, measurement and control technology, biotechnology industry Investment and so on;

B: biotech applications: treatment, diagnosis, biomedicine, food, agriculture, industrial biotechnology, environment, bio-fermentation technology, air defoaming technology, marine biotechnology, transgenic animals;

C: bioanalytics; d: bioinformatics; f: biotech services

E: clinical research and clinical trials, industry and environment, global business, manufacturing, emerging enterprise cooperation, regenerative medicine, global health, technology transfer and registration, international case studies, business development,

Introduction to the Expo:

Australia International Biotechnology Conference & Exhibition Ausbiotech National Conference began in 1979, organized by the Australian Biotechnology Association (ABA), once a year, has grown to 37 sessions, is the Asia-Pacific region's premier annual biotechnology event. The conference attracts more than 1,000 people each year, including more than 150 overseas people from 25 international and regional regions, reflecting the close relevance and importance of the conference to Australia and the international biotechnology industry. The top talent and business in the world of biotechnology and innovation will gather on the Gold Coast in Australia and explore the global biotechnology industry trends and international investment around the theme of "life sciences = future, employment, investment, export" Business cooperation matters.

The exhibition is the only major exhibition of biotechnology, life sciences and laboratory equipment in Australia. It is the only industry in Australia that covers the complete biotechnology industry chain, from basic research to finished product investment and trade fair, is a real industry exchange platform , Is a combination of professional exhibitions and seminars. Bio-economics, medical industry and biomedical engineering will be the new highlights of the show. Many of our new marketing services, which will help you get high quality customer clues and offer targeted support for your own sales and marketing activities with specific b2b contact recommendations. At present, the exhibition has developed into Australia's large-scale and high-grade biotechnology event, in the industry enjoyed a high reputation. China's biotechnology industry is still in the initial stage of development, the exhibition will be China's biotechnology companies for the global development of products and services market, seeking cooperation and the establishment of an important platform for the channel.

The exhibition is invited to Dr. Paul Stoffels, Global Chairman of Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Julie Philips, Chief Executive Officer, Aydodim Pharmaceuticals Australia, Kirsten o'doherty, Chief Executive Officer, Aibo Wei Biopharmaceutical Company, Chief, CRC Calibration Cell Therapy Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Executive Dr. Sherry Kothari, Geoff Cumming, Chief Executive Officer, Anteo Diagnostics, Rick Robinson, Global Director, Life Sciences and Healthcare, Norton Roche, Professor Dietmar Hutmacher, Professor of Health and Biomedical Innovation, Queensland University of Science and Technology; Coverage: Johnson & Johnson special meeting, from innovation to clinical to future transformation, large pharmaceutical companies forum, the introduction of Australian bio-generic drugs, the private sector of the pharmaceutical industry, cancer drug research and clinical applications, focus on China's special meeting, investment and financing risk control , Bio-industry, bio-agriculture, bio-food theme. The conference will arrange about 2,500 customized business matching activities

Previous Exhibition:

The number of visitors 81200 compared to the previous growth of 15%. 66% of the audience is the decision maker. 33% of viewers have plans to invest or buy products. Exhibitors data 839 exhibitors, compared with the previous growth of 24%. These exhibitors come from 28 countries and regions around the world. Of which 63% came from Australia.

Market profile:

Top research facilities, researchers, and a strong and flexible regulatory mechanism make Australia a leader in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

Australia's biotech industry has annual sales of more than A $ 7.5 billion at home and abroad. Most of the industry's companies are engaged in human health (49%), agricultural biotechnology (16%) and diagnostics (13%). There are also companies engaged in chemical, environmental, catering and information science, renowned for their many significant contributions in the field of biotechnology, including the discovery of penicillin efficacy, the implantation of cochlear implants, the synthesis of omega 3 fatty acids, and the development of the world's first child Cervical cancer vaccine. The Australian biotechnology industry also has a strong drug development system. Between July 2005 and January 2012, there were 6100 clinical trials registered in Australia.

Australia's biotech companies benefit from their advanced R & D facilities. Australia is also home to many of the world's leading research and development institutions (such as the Federal Science and Industry Research Organization, csiro), research institutions (such as the Australian proteome analysis agency, the world's first proteome research center) and world-class medical research institutions (such as Walter Lisa Institute, Gavin Medical Research Institute and Flori Neuroscience Institute).

China and Australia have established diplomatic relations for 43 years, the two countries not only in the field of Chinese medicine, in the field of biotechnology has gradually established a solid strategic relationship. The Australian Biotech Conference will be the best way for our biomedical companies to move to Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. With this platform, seize the opportunity to China's advanced biomedical products, equipment, technology to the Australian market, to promote China-Australia biomedical trade and biotechnology cooperation in the rapid development of great significance.
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