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India international laser and Optoelectronic Technology Expo 2017

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2017 India international laser and Optoelectronics Technology Exhibition (Munich branch)
Holding period: once a year
Exhibition hall: Pragati Maidan exhibition hall (New Delhi)
Organizer: Munich International Expo Group (MMG)
Exhibition date: 2017-09-14 to 2017-09-16
Organizer: Shanghai quality Exhibition Co.
Exhibition introduction:
The India international laser, photoelectric technology Expo (LASER World of PHOTONICS INDIA) is a famous German Munich International Expo Group Company (MMG) in India held the only covering all categories of optoelectronic industry display the most cutting-edge technology professional optoelectronic exposition. As the southern part of India and other regions, the laser industry chain is an important platform for the display and exchange.
A variety of novel design, technology leading new products, new solutions and follow the trend of the world's application technology will debut. At the same time, a large number of investment, traders will play exhibition for advanced science and technology into practical productive forces pave the way. TRUMPF, IPG, Sahajanand and other giants full debut Laser. The exhibition shows the application of laser technology in a variety of industries. Brings together industry professionals, including automotive, diamond cutting, semiconductor, metal forming industry experts, industrial automation and other industry professionals, etc.. This exhibition is not only a business platform for the exchange of industry decision-makers, while the scene is more than the industry summit forum is brought together experts from industry associations, and industry scientists to exchange ideas with each other.
The 2014 exhibition attracted from China, Japan, Germany, Lithuania and the United Kingdom International pavilions 103 exhibitors and 6 visitors, 67. Particularly eye-catching is the scene of the laser demonstration area, the demonstration of the laser in the field of metal cutting.
Audience range:
The exhibition only allows professional visitors into the museum visit, including research institutes, high-tech companies, laser and Optoelectronics company, medical technology experts, physicists, chemists, qualified engineers, system developers, industry service providers.
Exhibits: laser and optoelectronic products, optical materials, optical components, optical processing technology, sensor, measurement, optical measurement system, optical communication products, all kinds of laser processing / production equipment etc..
In 2015 the number of exhibitors and visitors number India photo:
1) 6066 buyers
2) 147 exhibitors from 15 countries
The scope of the audience: the exposition only allows visitors into the museum visit, including research institutes, high-tech companies, laser and Optoelectronics company, medical technology experts, physicists, chemists, qualified engineers, system developers, industry service providers. Mainly include: automotive, aerospace industry, solar photovoltaic, precision machining, textile and garment processing, optical / Electronic Engineering and production, jewelry processing, semiconductor, communication, machinery manufacturing and research institutions for science and technology, etc..
2016 exhibitors statistics:
7182) the number of professional visitors (up by 18% over the previous session): (1)
2) from 17 countries, as well as 20 exhibitors on behalf of enterprises in the 140
3) over 4000 square meters exhibition area
India market analysis:
India is one of the "BRIC countries" is the world's more than and 2 countries, has a population of 1 billion 210 million by the end of 2011, after Chinese, is also one of the world's fastest growing countries. Since 1998, the annual economic growth rate of more than 6.5%, India's total imports are growing year by year. In many foreign investors, the India market is second only to China's emerging market.
A national platform for the growing photovoltaic market
LASER World of PHOTONICS INDIA notes -- India optoelectronic industry platform -- a good interpretation of the exhibition goal: provide a national platform for the laser and optoelectronic technology, improve its importance in industry in India. It will also strengthen the link between research and industry, and promote the continuous improvement of industry technology. The use of laser technology can bring a lot of new prospects for the development of many industries in India, and has played an important role in promoting the research institutes and universities in India. The slogan of the exhibition -- the development of Optical Science -- reflects the great potential of "light technology" for India industry.
Production areas as the main display objects
As with the existing LASER World PHOTONICS exhibition, LASER World of INDIA PHOTONICS covers all products and solutions covering the field of optoelectronics. However, because the India market is still in the primary stage of development and sales, the main display of the object is also located in the laser and laser production system. Other related products will showcase the latest development of laser and optoelectronic technology for the audience include: laser and photonics, optics, sensor, test and measurement, optical measurement system and optical information technology etc..

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