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2017Taipei International Optoelectronics week

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Exhibition information
Display time: June 14, 2017 (three) ~16 (five)
Venue: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center
Organizer: Photoelectric Technology Industry Association (PIDA)
Exhibition introduction
From "Taiwan Optoelectronics Technology Industry Association (PIDA)" sponsored "Taipei International Optoelectronics week" has become one of the world's most important photo exhibition, the exhibition includes the theme exhibition: International Exhibition, exhibition display, photoelectric precision optics expo. Each year held a grand Taipei International Optoelectronics week, the industry's leading enterprises get together to participate in the exhibition, professional audience and international buyers gathered in Taipei, exhibiting higher effectiveness. The exhibition shows the latest development trend of the International Optoelectronic Technology and products every year.
Display item
1) International Optoelectronics Exhibition (twenty-sixth)
Process equipment: wafer, assembly, testing, facility (Automation / clean room)
Material: single crystal rod, substrate, wafer, grain
Light emitting / microwave / light / sensing / imaging components
Opto mechatronics, Microsystems and Nanotechnology
Output / storage device, optical engine, photosensitive drum, optical pickup head
Target, vacuum / wash / film equipment (evaporation / sputtering /CVD)
Optics, electronics, vacuum, analysis, measurement, testing instruments and equipment
2) laser application area
Laser processing (cutting / welding / marking), laser micro machining (drilling / marking / stripping / modification), laboratory of laser, laser, laser holographic medical, peripheral equipment and materials
3) broadband optical transmission
Optical fiber / cable, active / passive components, optical transmission systems / equipment, optical measurement equipment
4) 3D print area
3D printing system equipment, 3D measurement software, 3D scanning, RE reverse engineering
5) Biomedical Photonics
Biomedical sensing, medical imaging, medical laser, medical lighting, telemedicine, ecological applications, wearing device
6) flat panel display (Nineteenth)
LCD / OLED / touch panel
Glass substrate / backlight module
Color filter / polarizer / driver IC
ITO thin film / optical film / component
Process / test equipment and materials
Display application products
Precision optics (7) (ninth)
Lens / module: mobile phone, camera, vehicle, information products, equipped with optical lens / lens / module
Optical components: glass / plastic, spherical / aspherical, grinding / mold / injection, coating and other optical components
System products: cameras, projectors, optical equipment, automotive imaging systems, surveillance equipment, etc.
Optical instruments: eccentric microscope, MTF determination machine, etc..
Production equipment: coating machine, grinding machine, cutting machine, optical injection machine
Optical materials: optical glass / hair germ, optical injection raw materials, and subsequent processing of raw materials
Optical periphery: optical design software, photoelectric / metal parts, stepper motors, die, mold manufacturing
Exhibition results Show Summary
1. Exhibitor Exhibitors
Domestic Domestic 308 + foreign Overseas = total Total 67 = 375
2) booth number Booths
Domestic Domestic 743 + foreign Overseas = total Total 80 = 823
3. Participating company country Main Exhibitor Countries
The Austria Austria, China China, Denmark Denmark, British England, German Germany,
Japan Japan, Korea Korea, Singapore Singapore, Taiwan Taiwan, USA, India,, etc.
4. Visitor Visitors
Domestic Domestic 16501 + foreign Overseas = total Total 1261 = 17762
5. Overseas major visitors country Main Regions of Overseas Visitors
6) seminar attendance No. of Conference Attendees
2759 people
7. Media news Media Exposure
A total of 104 domestic and foreign reports Reported by media. news 104
8. Foreign buyers joint procurement fair Overseas Buyer Procurement Meeting
Visitor analysis Visitors Analysis
Company category Type of Company
Manufacturer Development & Manufacturer... 58%...
Acting dealer Vendor / Distributor / Trader... 15%...
Brand / system integration Brand / System Intergrater... 8%
Academic / research unit Scholar/Research... 9%...
The government Government... 2%...
The financial / investment / venture / Consultant
Finance/Investment Advisory/Venture/Consult... 2%
The other Other............ 6%
Job category Job Function
Chairman / General Manager / Deputy General Manager / Senior Director President / CEO / VP... 24%
Finance / purchasing Purchasing... 5%...
The manufacture of Manufacturing... 7%...
The research and development of R&D... 29%...
Planning marketing / business Marketing /Sales... 21%...
Administration / information management Admin / MIS...
The other Other... 11%...
Visit purpose
Purpose of Visit
Look for applications Application Products... 4%...
Purchasing components Purchasing Components... 5%...
Purchasing materials Purchasing Material......... 5%
Search instruments / equipment Searching for Instrument & Equipment... 7%
Procurement of these other products Purchasing the Others... 21%...
Information gathering Gathering Informati
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