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2017Vietnam International Analytical, biochemical, diagnostic and Laboratory Technology Expo------Analytica Vietnam 2017

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Time: March 29, 2017 ---31 day
Exhibition period: two years
Venue: Xigong International Exhibition and Convention Center, Hu Zhiming, Vietnam (SECC)
Organizer: Munich Overseas Exhibition Co., Ltd. (IMAG) (Munich International Expo Group)
International Science and technology exhibition and Activity Center (ITEC)
Support unit: Ministry of science and technology, the Vietnamese Ministry of health, the Ministry of industry and trade of Vietnam, Vietnam Ministry of education, the Vietnam Association of industry and commerce, the German industry and commerce, industry association, Vietnam Vietnam Laboratory Chemical Institute, Vietnamese Pharmaceutical Association, Vietnam medical equipment association,
Institute of optical medical Mechatronics
Exhibition level: the top exhibition in the industry - analytica exhibition in Munich, Vietnam
Exhibition introduction:
Analytica Vietnam is Vietnam's laboratory technology, analysis technology and biotechnology in the field of the grand show, is a platform for high-end market visitors display products, covering the Southeast Asian market. The German Munich analytica exhibition is the laboratory equipment and analysis in the world's most professional top event. In order to better meet the needs of different regions of the market, the exhibition organizers Munich Exhibition Company will bring analytica to Hanoi, Vietnam, the organizers also held in India, China branch exhibition.
The first exhibition will be held in 2009. At present, whether it is the depth or breadth of the exhibits or exhibits industry, there is no comparable exhibition in vietnam. The exhibition will be held over the same period of high-quality activities, including the Vietnam experimental analysis conference, seminars, etc..
Claudia, director of exhibitions at the Munich International Expo Group, said: "Vietnam's economy has stabilized in recent years, which is also evident in analytica Vietnam. Even if Vietnam faces economic challenges, the industry is optimistic. Analytica Vietnam is a service for many important and developing industries, and from the point of view of export activities, these industries have a great demand for quality control and optimization of analytical instruments."
Last review
2015 Analitica Vietnam exhibition held successfully, exhibitors and the audience's reaction to establish the exhibition is an important industry platform in Southeast Asia, but also opened the door to the development of the market. The special emphasis is placed on the specific interests and professionalism of the audience. International experts from research groups have published the latest development and practice oriented solutions for food safety, pharmaceutical diagnostics, environmental analysis, quality optimization, and chromatography and mass spectrometry. Exhibitors are more international, exhibitors from China, Britain, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Holland, Singapore, China, Taiwan, the United States and vietnam. Another joint pavilion in Germany and france.
The same period held by the University of Hanoi environmental technology and Sustainable Development Research Center Professor Dr. Pham Hung Viet and professor of University of Duisburg Essen, Germany Dr. Oliver Schmitz. Vietnam Dr. Duong Tuan Quang a professor at the University of the high level meeting impressed: "analytica global network is not only the exhibition platform, the forum is also an important academic activities. It is an ideal place for researchers and scientists worldwide, especially in the field of analytical chemistry." Industry leading companies such as MILI, SHIMADZU, Merck Plander Bo and Xigong instruments and water treatment companies presented their products and solutions in the A1 museum.
Singapore Jamie Tan Ishida summarizes the overall meaning of the exhibition: "analytica exhibition is the largest type of Vietnam with Vietnam in the exhibition, in terms of domestic rapid growth of the market, to participate in the exhibition is very important to us."
Exhibition advantage:
1 Vietnam's economy has grown at an average annual rate of at least 6%.
2 Vietnam political stability.
3 foreign investors in Vietnam to build production equipment.
4 strong support from the Vietnamese government and major institutions.
5 audience from large investment budget of industry branches and research departments.
6 emerging industry (pharmaceutical, chemical, food exports) need to develop and increase the quality control capabilities.
7 the development of the health care industry requires higher quality diagnostic equipment.
8 seminar for international research elite.
9 the analytica global network, including Germany, China and India, will help build companies around the world, especially in the emerging markets.
10 exhibition by one of the world's top ten exhibition companies, Munich International Expo Group IMAG.
Market background:
Hu Zhiming is Vietnam's business economic center, has a modern port, but also the largest stock exchange in Vietnam, the seat of VSE. She is the production base of many industries, such as food industry, glass, textile products, paper making, plastic chemicals, building materials and a variety of mechanical products. Hu Zhiming's GDP accounted for 20% of the country, accounting for about 30% of industrial production, accounting for Vietnam's export sector of 40%.
Chemical industry
Vietnam chemical industry accounted for 11% of the country's industrial output, detergent, fertilizer and other products in recent years, significantly. The Vietnamese government will be the growth of the chemical industry as a priority target for industrial development, so the new petrochemical project is expected to promote the development of the chemical industry.
Pharmaceutical industry
Vietnam is one of the fastest growing Asian countries in the pharmaceutical industry. 2012, Vietnam's pharmaceutical market output value of nearly $3 billion, equivalent to 1/3 of the huge market in India. From 2015 to 2017, output growth exceeded 20%. Vietnam's pharmaceutical industry up to 90% of raw materials currently need to rely on imports. Vietnam's Ministry of Health said Vietnam
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