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2017SPIE remote sensing technology and National Defense Security Exhibition

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Exhibition time: September 26, 2016 to 29
Venue: Edinburgh International Conference Center
American Society for optical engineering
Holding period: once a year
Chinese organizer: Shanghai quality Exhibition Co.
Exhibition introduction
2017 British SPIE defense security exhibition and the same period held in the UK in 2017 SPIE remote sensing technology exhibition will attract more than and 900 participants. The exhibition will allow exhibitors to reach two different but industry related areas of the audience, but also to exhibitors and other partners in the field to seek new opportunities for cooperation.
Why exhibitors?
(1) communicate with experts in the field of sensing technology (remote sensing and defense security) to see the industry's most advanced technology and equipment.
2) the latest research and development of products in the field of industry and research results, the enterprise can be seen at the scene of the relevant experts (scientists, engineers, developers) and at the same time be able to compare and analyze.
3) to Edinburgh to establish cooperation relationship with local suppliers and project partners.
Exhibition scope:
1) remote sensing:
Satellite and satellite instruments and tasks
Signal analysis: synthetic aperture radar and lidar
Adaptive optical system
Image and signal processing
Hyperspectral imaging
2) remote sensing applications:
Agriculture and hydrology
Ocean, sea ice and coastal waters
Atmosphere and cloud
Infrastructure and urban areas
Risk prediction and mitigation
Planetary exploration
3) national defense security:
Optoelectronic system
Infrared light source, detector and sensor
Millimeter and terahertz sensors, components and systems
4) defense security applications
Unmanned and unmanned vehicles
Contraband and forgery detection
Target detection and recognition
Biochemical crisis and chemical sensing
change detection
Welcome to Scotland:
1 Scotland regional technology advantage:
Center for imaging and sensing of the center for quantum technology, University of Glasgow
At the University of Clyde satellite application technology
Sensors and imaging systems in Glasgow
The British meteorological agency specializing in marine meteorology in Aberdeen
2) high tech companies, including M square lasers, coherent, power Photonics and Clyde space
3. Edinburgh, a beautiful and historic coastal city
Britain: the hub of the national defense industry
1 Britain has a $45 billion defense budget
2 (UK) accounted for 17% of global aviation industry revenue, second only to the global market share of the United States
3) Scotland brings together more than and 170 companies in the aerospace, defense and naval sectors
4) provides a wide range of technical support, including optoelectronics, laser, micro electronics, sensors, satellites and energy systems
Laser market in the UK
Since the beginning of the United States is both a supplier of laser products, but also a new buyer of laser products. It accounts for 15% of the entire European market for laser products, and is the world's largest market for the world's largest buyer of laser products, the Federal Republic of Germany (). Britain's laser industry has been formed, the current production of various types of lasers and laser systems. The advantage of the laser industry in the United States is the production of materials processing applications of lasers and laser products.
The UK's 17 organizations that are responsible for the use of lasers as the safest and most flexible production tools in the manufacturing industry have agreed to investigate the safety of lasers for industrial production. The plan for a period of four years, at a cost of $five million, supported by the Department of trade and industry. This program originated in the Eureka initiative, one of the goals of new technologies in the civilian world market, promote cooperation in the European advanced technology research in the competition.
In spite of the economic downturn and the rise in the price of the dollar in comparison with the European currency, the market for Western Europe has grown by two times since 1980, and the number of manufacturers has increased by about 40%. In 1983, compared with $217 million in sales in 1982, the total amount of just over $300 million, while only $153 million in 1980. West Germany accounted for 34% of the total, the United Kingdom, France, 24%, 19%. In the UK and West Germany, foreign wholesalers (mainly the United States) sales of slightly higher than the local manufacturers, but the French manufacturer's sales are higher than imports.
At present there are many companies engaged in laser cutting operations, including subcontractor management, sheet metal business firms and OEM. professional development has decreased while the laser processing of the production cost, but the current market situation still makes some suppliers for price, delivery time and so on long worried about the future. In view of this situation, industry laser Users Association (AILU) has established a steering committee.
Some larger laser processing plants have been selected to establish partnerships with manufacturers to ensure continued production growth. This trend has emerged in the field of general CNC processing. Many of the advanced subcontractors have become OEM's leading suppliers as their manufacturing division. If this trend continues, there will be some laser processing plant rate cutting Enterprises -- this many consumers of various processing and only some of the main parts of the production plant to provide consumers.

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