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2017PhotonixJapan International Laser and Optoelectronics Technology Exhibition

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Exhibition news:
Japan international optics and Optoelectronics Technology Exhibition 2017
English Name: 17th Int'l Laser & Expo [Photonix Photonics 2017]
Holding period: once a year
Tokyo International Exhibition Centre
Organizer: Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd
Exhibition date: 20170405 - 20170407
Organizer: Shanghai quality Exhibition Co.
Exhibition introduction:
Japan photoelectric Exhibition (Photonix2017) sponsored by reed, is one of the world famous photo exhibition, on behalf of the Asian photovoltaic industry leading level. The exhibition includes laser, optical, optical sensing, medical photonics, optical fiber communications five galleries.
Exhibition includes:
Lasers and applications: Japan's largest laser processing Exhibition
Optics show: professional optical parts and Materials Exhibition
Optics and measurement Exhibition: optical measurement, product analysis, technical development
Simultaneous exhibition:
1st CERAMICS JAPAN (high performance ceramics exhibition), 4rD METAL JAPAN (high functional metal exhibition) and 6th PLASTIC JAPAN (high functional plastic exhibition) and 8th FILMTECH JAPAN (high film exhibition), 17th (PHOTONIX JAPAN, 27th FINETECH laser photoelectric Exhibition (JAPAN) FPD touch the world's largest exhibition).
Sponsor information:
Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd under Japan's Reed Exhibitions, according to statistics, the average annual company successfully held about 142 trade fairs in Makuhari exhibition and Osaka International Exhibition Center, Tokyo International Exhibition Center, involving industry wide including: jewelry, fashion gifts, electronics, energy, medical and cosmetic.
Statistics of previous exhibitions:
During the 2016 five theme exhibition, attracted from 21 countries in the world, 1150 exhibitors, and 59740 visitors and participants, including more than 6600 international observers from overseas;
In 2015, there were more than 500 enterprises in Japan, with a professional audience of over 16000 people.
At present, the exhibition has become the world's largest optoelectronic optical film and display touch industry's top professional exhibition, each session has created a huge industry exchanges and cooperation opportunities. These data have exceeded the previous record, so this exhibition will attract more from all over the world import and export business and technical experts to visit the procurement.
Overview of the development of Optoelectronics in japan:
Japan is a country in the world as early as the twenty-first Century is the century of light. As early as 1979, with the support of the Japanese government, the Japanese Light Industry Technology Association (OITDA) was established. Since then, the scale of the photoelectron industry in Japan has increased by an average annual rate of 10-20%, making Japan become the world's largest optoelectronic industry. The photoelectron industry was first formed in Japan, thanks to the support of the government for the research of Optoelectronics and the development of the consumer market. Some Japanese companies, such as NEC company, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp (NTT), have established their own electronic basic research laboratory, they are facing the market to form a large-scale production capacity and low cost.
Exhibition scope:
Optical elements: including lens, mirror, prism, lens, window; optical module extender, homogenizer, attenuator; photoelectric scanner, lens processing technology, coating technology, polishing technology; optical glass material, optical element, optical design software;
- cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser trimmer and other laser applications, laser oscillator, CO2 laser, fiber laser, pulsed laser, excimer laser, laser disk and other light source, precision positioning platform, laser processing head laser;
Optical communication:
Passive device, optical fiber, optical cable, active devices and equipment testing equipment; data communication instrument; fiber production equipment, optical networks and systems, optical film, gateway and routing equipment; the light source of optical communication and peripheral products.
Optical sensing:
Optical sensors, image sensors, optical sensors, optical measuring instruments, etc.
Medical photonics:
- laser oscillator (lamp source), image processing equipment / technology, instrument parts / materials, medical related products or technologies
Exhibition advantage:
- Japan's largest photo show
For you to create a very effective business platform
- the conference has high quality customers from all over the world
To ensure that you can effectively promote the general assembly, the general assembly to provide service support, including:
1 free release of exhibitors and product catalog
2 free exhibitor index
3 free VIP invitation system
4 complimentary tickets (Japanese and English)
5 free exhibitor page links (official website)
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