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2017Korea International LED&OLED Expo

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Exhibition information:
Time: June 2017 27-29 day
Venue: South Korea Goyang International Exhibition Center Hall 4, 3
Holding period: once a year
Organizers: EXPOnU Co., Ltd., Han Guoguang Industry Association (KAPID), South Korea LED lighting industry cooperatives, South Korea lighting industry cooperatives, LED industry forum, KOTRA, KINTEX
Organizer: Shanghai quality Exhibition Co.
Exhibition introduction:
2017 Korea International LED&OLED Expo from 2003 to date, the annual session, has successfully held the 14 session. The exhibition is the world's only LED trade fair, the exhibition through continuous development, is currently considered to be one of the world's most influential LED exhibition". At the same time, South Korea's OLED Expo has been the Ministry of knowledge economy, the government of Gyeonggi Do municipal government, high Yang Guoguang, Korea Institute of Technology (KOPTI), Japan LED Association (JLEDs), China Lighting Association (CALI), Taiwan Optoelectronic Technology Industry Association (PIDA), the United States Photoelectric Technology Industry Association (OIDA) support of the American OLED Association and from all walks of life.
Exhibit overview:
LED semiconductor lighting:
- LED display, LED lights, LED lighting, LED lighting, LED traffic lights, LED backlight, LED car lights, solar LED applications, LED control systems, etc.
LED package / module
- LED lights, digital tube, lattice LED, set number LED, led and high-power LED, etc.
LED components and materials
- LED chip, epitaxial wafer, LED fluorescent material, LED thermal conductive material, packaging material, organic silicon, substrate, etc.
LED manufacturing / testing equipment
- dispenser, solid crystal machine, color / machine, LED cutting machine, spectrum detector, moisture-proof cabinet etc.
Other related products
Organic light emitting diode (OLED), laser diode (LD), cold light source (EL), laser sensor, etc.
Industry development trend:
Due to the global energy shortage, the energy saving and environmental protection features of LED make it have a broader application space. As of twenty-first Century the semiconductor industry cutting-edge, LED has gradually entered the field of lighting, with the continuous development of LED lighting technology, lighting technology and products will gradually replace the traditional, off the two lighting revolution in human history. The LED product is concentrated in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Chinese and Southeast Asia, the scale of LED industry accounted for about LED of the world market share of 70%, South Korea and Southeast Asia LED technology leader in the world.
The 2016 exhibition:
267 companies from 15 countries, a total of 570 booths.
A total of 13625 professional audience.
A total of 11699 exhibitors. More than 60% of them are manufacturers and distributors.
96% exhibitors gave a positive evaluation of the 2016 Korea LED&OLED expo.
2016 daily number of exhibitions:

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