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Date:  Nov., 2021

Venue: Shahr-e-Aftab Complex

Organizer: NSTS Events

Frequency: Annually  


Description of the event

The First International Exhibition on Chemical and Laboratory Industry was held on February 13-16, 2018 in Exhibiran International Fairground in Tehran – Iran in an exhibition area of 4400 sqm.

Iran, annually imports over 2 Billion USD of chemical raw materials and its production capacity has reached to 45 MMT, according to the latest updates released by Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade of the country.

Despite a long history of Iran’s chemical industry and its inherent potentials, this event, was the first specialized and technical exhibition in Iran’s chemical industry which was held with cooperation of Iran Small Industries & Industrial Parks Organization (ISIPO), Union of Chemical Materials Suppliers along with Chemical and Cellulose Industries Office of Ministry of Trade and Industries of Iran.

The honorable guests of the exhibition opening ceremony were Dr. Ali Fazeli, head of Iran Chamber of Guilds and Dr. R. Ghaderi, Managing Director of Exhibiran International Fairground Company.

This 4-day event hosted 68 companies including producers and suppliers of chemical materials as well as manufacturers and traders of laboratory equipment.

The exhibition hosted senior members of Iraq Ministry of Commerce and Mines as its own honorable invited guests. In this regard, a dedicated seminar on “Trade and Investment Opportunities in Iraq’s Chemical and Laboratory Industry and Market” was held and followed by single B2B meetings with accompanying trade men of mentioned delegation.

Another highlight of this event, was 5 technical and specialized seminars which was planned to be held by wellknown industrial conductors. To ease the visit and exhibit the event, the organizing committee arranged free shuttle service from different points of Tehran, on twice a daily basis.

This event took place in Exhibiran International Fairground which is the most newly-built exhibition center in Iran. This modern facility includes 25000sqm of roofed area, a parking lot for 11000 cars, Metro station connecting the complex to the city’s main network of transportation and an administrative space with 24000 sqm.


Previous Highlights

Number of:

  • Existing petrochemical complexes: 59
  • Ongoing petrochemical projects: 55
  • Existing refineries: 18
  • Ongoing refinery projects: 7

Number of producers:

  • Food industry: 1500+
  • Paint, resin and industrial coatings: 260+
  • Pharmaceuticals:100+
  • Hygienic and detergents: 143
  • Sugar factories: 40
  • Chemicals: 300+
  • Water treating companies: 90+
  • Edible oil: 40+

Why exhibit

  • Forge new partnerships and collaborations
  • Showcase your recent innovations, products and services
  • Elevate your company’s brand
  • Gain direct access to decision makers and customers
  • Share your knowledge and expertise
  • Engage at side events and activities

Product Groups

1- Chemicals and Petrochemicals

  • Acids, Alcohols and Glycols
  • Agrochemicals and Raw Materials
  • Biocides Catalysts
  • Bulk Drugs & Formulations
  • Ceramic, Glass, Enameled and Cement Chemicals
  • Chemical Intermediates
  • Construction Chemicals and Insulation Raw Materials
  • Cosmetics and Detergents Raw Materials
  • Electrochemicals
  • Emulsifiers and Stabilizers
  • Excipients & Additives
  • Industrial Oils and Gases
  • Industrial Sealants
  • Inorganic & Organic Chemicals
  • Odorant Additives
  • Oleo Chemicals
  • Organic Intermediates
  • Paint, Ink and Adhesive Raw Materials
  • Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, Additives and Intermediates
  • Plant Raw Materials
  • Specialty Chemicals Stabilizers
  • Surface Treatment Chemicals Surfactants
  • Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment Chemicals
  • Waxes and Esters

2- Process Industry

  • Process Technology
  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Filtration & Separation Systems
  • Process Plant Design Services
  • Batching Systems / Equipment
  • Condensers
  • Conveyors and Elevators
  • Thermal Processes equipment
  • Machinery and Equipment for Chemical Industry
  • Manufacture and Assembly of Plants for the Chemical Ind.
  • Mechanical Process Mixers
  • Packaging and Storage Technologies
  • Powder Mixing and Pulverizing Plants
  • Pressure Vessels and Tanks
  • Process Machines
  • Production of Chemical Reagents, High-Purity Substances and Catalysts
  • Reactors
  • Tubes & Fittings, Test kits & procedures

3- Laboratory Equipment

  • Accreditation of Laboratories and Expertise Tests
  • Chemical Substances
  • Cleaning and Disinfection Agents
  • Electrochemical Measurements Devices
  • Gas Analyzers
  • aboratory Analysis Kits , Equipment and Instruments
  • Laboratory Filtration Systems
  • Laboratory Furniture
  • Laboratory Plastics and Glass Materials
  • Laboratory Software
  • Sample Preparation Equipment
  • State Standard Reference Samples
  • Thermometers and Hygrometers

4- Test & Measurement Equipment

  • Process Automation Systems
  • Sensors & Controllers
  • Testing & Measurement Technology
  • Instrumentation & Process Control
  • Physical Measurement Systems & Equipment
  • Calibration

5- Nanotechnology

  • Nanoparticles
  • Nanowires
  • Nanofibres and Nanotubes
  • Surface Nanostructures
  • Three-Dimensional Nanostructures
  • Functional Nano-materials
  • Construction Nano-materials
  • Nano-capsules
  • Semi-Conductor Nanotechnology
  • Nanolithography and Nano-Printing
  • Nano-Magnets
  • Molecular Machines
  • Sub-Cell Sensors and Nanotracers
  • Biomimetic Structures
  • Biomembranes
  • Genetic Modifiers
  • Molecular Manipulators
  • Production Processes and Devices for Nanotechnology

6- Safety and Industrial Hygienic Equipment

  • Chemical Safety
  • Fire Protection, Equipment, Appliances and Fire Fighting Materials
  • Industrial Safety
  • Laboratory Clothing and Individual Protective Gear
  • Ventilations Systems

7- Environmental Services

  • Environmental Consultancy Services
  • Environmental simulation
  • Water Management Systems

8- Information and Documentation Systems

  • Equipment for Documenting, Registering, Securing and Presenting Evidence
  • IT Systems Supporting Identification Processes 

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