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Lab expo 2022

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Date: 3 to 6 March, 2022

Venue: the park of the exhibitions of the Kram, Tunis

Organizer: Company of International Fairs of Tunis

Frequency: Biennially  


Description of the event

LabExpo Tunisia is intended to meet the qualitative needs and those of performance of the production sectors: Life sciences and Public Health, Scientific research, Biotechnology, Agri-food, Environment, Mines and Industry, civil engineering, Chemistry and petro chemistry.


Why exhibit?

The qualitative needs and the needs of performance of the production sectors require the use of performance tools for the control of the products or of their innovations.


The purpose of this event is to put at the disposal of the companies the tool and the procedure necessary for their performance:

*the innovation tools

*the analysis tools

*the control tools

*the diagnostic tools

*the quality tools

*the tools of respect of the standards

*the research results



Get informed about:

o The scientific and technological developments

o Meeting with the technical personnel to get answers and solutions

o Compare and assess the products, prices and services of the different exhibitors

o Benefit from the live Demos and buy on site

o The complete solutions for the supply chains in the laboratories

o Analyse the competition, and benefit from the presence of world actors of the sector

o Participate at the conferences and acquire the maximum of information

o Benefit from an immediate return on investment


The profile of the exhibitors

o Manufacturers, suppliers and representatives of machines and equipment for the laboratories industry.

o Producers and suppliers of raw materials for the laboratories

o The laboratories of services and scientific and technological researchs

o Industrial and Institutional Services


Contact:  Mrs. Sherry Yang

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