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Photonics & Laser


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Exhibition Date:  Sep.22-23, 2020

Conference Date: Sep.21-24, 2020

Venue:Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Organizer:International Society For Optical Engineering  (SPIE)

Frequency: Annually  

Co-located Conference:  SPIE Remote Sensing  (Date: 21-24 September 2020)

                         SPIE Space, Satellites + Sustainability (S3)  (Date: 20-23 September 2020)


Description of the event

SPIE Security + Defence is the leading conference of its kind in Europe. Interact with fellow engineers, scientists, researchers, developers, and educators on technological advancements that continue to have an impact in the areas of sensing, data and signal analysis, tracking and targeting, communications, networks, sensor platforms, energy topics, materials and more.

With a European focus, SPIE Security+Defence and SPIE Remote Sensing attract more than 800 attendees in their combined technology areas. By becoming a part of this exhibit, you gain access to two distinct yet relevant audiences.

Take this opportunity to explore new opportunities of collaboration with partners from other fields of activity.  Leaders from the defence industries from both Europe and North America will gather to share topics and photonics technology developments related to this critical industry.


Technologies + Applications Represented:




Satellite imaging and sensing systems

Agriculture and hydrology

LIDAR and radar

Ocean sensing

Multispectral and hyperspectral imaging

Clouds and atmosphere

Deep learning, machine learning and artificial intelligence

Light propagation through the atmosphere

Signal processing and image analysis techniques

Earth resources and environmental monitoring

Sensing in urban environments

Urban environments and smart cities

Imaging systems and detectors

Earth observation

Adaptive optical systems






Electro-optical systems

Target and background signatures

Infrared imagers and detectors

Surveillance and reconnaissance

High powered lasers and directed energy sources

Situational awareness

Machine learning and artificial intelligence


Millimeter wave and THz sensors

Optical countermeasures

Quantum imaging, sensing and communications

Free space optical communications

Single-photon devices

Stand-off detection and remote sensing

Advanced manufacturing techniques

Unmanned and autonomous systems

Areas highlighted range from detectors and sensors to lasers and imaging equipment for the security and defence community while comprehensive coverage of sensor systems, data analysis, and satellite platforms are offered on the remote sensing side. See the full list below of technologies and application areas.


Included with your free exhibition registration:

Access to over 35 companies dedicated to security, defence and remote sensing technologies and applications

Product announcements / Product demonstrations

Plenary presentations featuring talks on quantum technology, photodetectors and cubesats

Industry sessions featuring presentations on the latest technologies from leading researchers and companies in the field


Attendee Statistics:

Attendance Stats from 2019 Meeting:


By Geographic Area
Europe  - 63% 
Asia  -  16%
N. America  - 13%
Middle East - 5%
Other - 3%



By End Product of Company
Defence, Security, Law Enforcement - 26%
Basic Research, Science - 9%
Optical Design and Engineering - 6%
Laser Industry - 5%
Education/Training - 3%
Industrial Sensing and Measurement - 4%
Other Categories Combined: 47%



By Purchase Area
Cameras & Imaging Systems - 9%
Detectors, Sensors - 8%
Lasers & Systems - 7.5%
Optical Components - Filters, Mirrors - 5%
Optical Components /Lenses - 5%
Laser Components /Accessories - 4%
Software - 4.5% 
Computing, Data Processing Hardware - 4%
Optical Coatings/Thin Films - 3%
Fiber Optics & Accessories - 3.5%
Test & Measurement Equipment - 3.5% 
Electronic, Digital Imaging Equipment - 3%
Optomechanical Components/Devices - 3%
Spectroscopy Devices & Equipment - 3%



By Job Function
R&D: Applied Research - 27%
R&D: Basic Research/Science -14%
Academic:College Professor/Educator/Student - 17%
R&D: Application/Product Dev - 6%
Engineering & Design - 7%
Business Development Management /Exec – 2%
Senior Excutive - 2%
Project / Program Management – 3%
Other Combined: 22%


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