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AACC Middle East 2020

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Date: Oct., 2020

VenueMohamed Bin Rashid University Conference Center, Abu Dhabi , UAE

OrganizerSPARGO, INC.

Frequency: Annually  


Description of the event

Delivering the latest scientific advances in all disciplines pertinent to the field of laboratory medicine. Leaders in laboratory science and management from countries throughout the region including Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, Cyprus, and the entire African continent will be invited to participate. Attendees will include laboratory directors and managers, government officials, and representatives of the diagnostics industry.


A Partnership Between AACC & Al Borg Medical Laboratories

AACC Middle East is a two-day scientific meeting and clinical laboratory exposition which will bring AACC scientific leadership to a region where there are great interest and enthusiasm for the latest education in laboratory science and diagnostic technology.


Learn about the latest scientific advances in laboratory medicine:

› Laboratory Quality Management and Accreditation
› Clinical Chemistry
› Newborn Screening
› Genetics
› Oncology
› Emerging Topics to the Middle East


Why Delegates Attend AACC Middle East

Famous speakers
Practical workshops
Inspiration meetings
And more!



“Very good experience at AACC ME 2018 conference; highly informative and cutting edge, innovative sessions, speakers were extremely good and content also new. Overall, happy and glad to attend this event, thanks to the organizers and exhibitors.”

                  — Mohamed Zunaid ( Medical Technologist, Aster Hospital )



The Market

The global IVD market is expected to increase from $60.3 billion to $81.1 billion by 2020 at a CAGR of 6.1%.

Market share in developed regions is projected to fall from 65% to 54% as markets mature in the Middle East and Africa.

The GCC is likely to become the fastest growing IVD market as investments in healthcare increase from the government and private sector.

Contributing factors include a rising number of expatriates, growing demand for health insurance, and increasing incidences of lifestyle diseases as the populations has access to disposable income.

Intense research and a surge in the demand for IVD tests for chronic health conditions are fueling growth in the region. Also, a high demand for technologically advanced devices for early and precise detection of diseases is needed to combat the rapid rise of chronic and infectious diseases.








Saudi Arabia

United Arab Emirates



And the entire African continent will be invited to participate


Our Reach:

Laboratory Managers

Government Officials

Industry Leaders



Exhibit Profile:

Contract Manufacturer: contract manufacturing, custom manufacturing, OEM products, packaging materials & equipment

Diagnostic IT Solutions: Data analysis & management and middleware, interfacing and interface engines

Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic Tools Manufacturer

Equipment Manufacturer

Lab Testing Services

Parts Supplier

Professional Organization


Reagents Distributor


Solution support

Subject Area

Supporting IT Solution

Testing Compliance


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