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The 9th International Advanced Ceramics Exhibition ACE 2019

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PlaceKINTEX Exhibition Center I, Hall 4&5

Organizer: Korea Fine Ceramics Association(KFCA), Nano Technology Research Association


Description of the event

Advanced Ceramics Exhibition is the only Korean exhibition specializing in advanced ceramics where you can not only find opportunities for exchange and cooperation but also trade in advanced ceramic technologies, materials and parts as well as the latest equipment.

ACE 2019 will generate powerful effects of synergy from technology convergence. This exhibition takes place concurrently with five other exhibitions covering such high-tech fields as nanotechnology, micro/MEMS technology, laser technology, smart sensors and high-functional materials. Come and participate in the Advanced Ceramics Exhibition to meet buyers from various industrial segments and experience the synergetic effects of technology convergence yourself.


Concurrent Shows

ü  NANO KOREA 2019

ü  MNS KOREA 2019





ACE helps generate practical business results.

Visitors to the International Advanced Ceramics Exhibition are mostly final and mid-level decision makers who seek to facilitate new business or production innovation drives, plan and execute a national R&D project or discover a new partner by introducing the latest technology and solutions. It turns out that 85 percent of all visitors are buyers, and more than 50% of them are final and mid-level decision makers, which fits the nature of this business-oriented exhibition.



Exhibit Categories


Items in Details


Electric, electrical, or optical ceramics

Package for integrated circuit, functional package, substrate (back substrate), wiring board, insulator, sensor compound semiconductor, electrode, fuel cell, heating element, MLCC, thermistor, varistor, superconductivity part, ionic conducting glass, etc.

Machine structural ceramics

WC tool, cermet tool, ceramic tool, diamond tool, CBN tool, coating/metal hardware, coating/WC hardware, coating/other member, particulate material treatment equipment, pump, liquid treatment equipment, paper manufacturing equipment, textile equipment, wear-resistant member, etc.

Thermal or nuclear energy ceramics

Spark plug, engine member, rocket, space shuttle member, 0000, thermal treatment equipment, high-temperature C/C structural member, 0000, heater, blackout tool, gas inlet, shaft, tube, dorm, arm, member for semiconductor manufacture, member related to nuclear energy, heat-resistant/insulating member, composite member, etc.

High-performance glass

photosensitive glass, strengthened glass, optical glass, thermal glass, porous glass, bulletproof glass, heat insulating glass, semiconductors, mobile glass

Biological or vital ceramics

Concentration sensor, catalyst carrier, ceramic filter, corrosion-resistant vessel, distillation tower-filling materials, filter aid, desiccant, deodorant, bio-nuclear energy, biomaterial, cosmetics/bathroom wares/pharmaceuticals, ceramic materials related to machines, miscellaneous articles (jewelry), etc.

Raw materials


Alumina, silica, zirconia, titania, barium titanate, ferrite, aluminum hydroxide, etc.


Silicon carbide, boron nitride, aluminum nitride, graphite and carbon solid, composite materials, rare earth elements, etc.

Equipment/process related to manufacture

Raw material process, forming process, sintering process, processing process, evaluation technique, ceramic welding, metallizing, corrosion-preventing coating, fireproof material drying, ultrasonic wave processing, annealing fusing furnace, CVD device, electronic gilding equipment, extruding machine, hydraulic equipment, injection molding equipment, thermal spraying equipment, ultrasonic wave processing equipment, electric furnace, roaster kiln, etc.



2017 Show Report

l  -Exhibits : 60 booths set up by 50 exhibitors (650booths-including concurrent exhibitions) 
- Visitors : 10,000 from 40 countries


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